How to open wine without corkscrew

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How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew

how to open wine without corkscrew

Quick disclaimer: most of these methods aren't % foolproof. In fact, they are all prone to screw up your bottle of wine if done incorrectly or.


You may think your only options are to journey back outside for an opener or go without that glass of perfect pinot, but fear not—there are plenty of household hacks you can use to loosen the corkscrew. Comprising a nob and two prongs, corncob skewers are best known as those little yellow tools that make noshing on your favorite summertime vegetable a breeze. But their sharp ends can also be put to good use as an in-a-pinch solution for opening your favorite bottle of red or white. Simply insert the prongs into the cork, and then gently lift, twisting left and right as you go until you successfully dislodge the top. Another way you can use this barbecue essential to liberate your libation is by adding some hardware into the mix. Start by twisting a screw about 60 percent of the way into the cork. Next, place the corncob prongs beneath the screw head to form a T shape.

Discovering you don't have a corkscrew right when you're ready to relax into jammy Zinfandel or crisp Riesling is right up there among the things that are definitively the worst. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can still get that wine bottle open in a pinch. And while they don't include the precognitive tip of buying several of our favorite Maco wine keys—which you can find on our gift guide —and subsequently stashing them in all your drawers, glove compartments, and duffle bags so that you always have one at the ready, that's not a terrible idea. Oh, and one other thing: before trying any of these methods, make sure to remove the foil from the bottle first. Watch as Epi editor David Tamarkin explains the importance of this step, and the swiftest way to do it, here.

This post was written by Pixable's Cristina Gutierrez. Corkscrews have a nasty habit of playing hide and seek on the days you need a glass of wine the most. The stress of every minute that passes as you and your wine bottle wonder what to do next just multiplies the number of glasses you'll need to wind down. We've all been there. But there's hope. Here are 5 ways to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

In fact, they are all prone to screw up your bottle of wine if done incorrectly or without proper care, i. However, in all other circumstances which, lets be real, is usually the case these options can help lift you from despair and grant you a pleasant vino-filled night:. This is probably one of the safest methods on this list, but it does require some resilience and strength, as it can fatigue you easily. You simply take a screw, preferably a long one, and screw it into the cork with a screwdriver until there is about an inch or so of the screw left showing. Then you take the backside of the hammer, lock it under the screw and pull the cork out.

The bottle of wine you wanted to enjoy is now mocking your forgetful ways. Turns out, the wine world is full of MacGyvers. Crafty imbibers employ everything from bike pumps to shoes to extract pesky corks. Wine is becoming increasingly portable and lower-brow, as screw caps , boxed versions, and the canned movement all suggest, but the majority of wine still comes in the traditional format, especially the really good stuff. Not since sabering has opening a bottle felt so triumphant. Each offers a different level of tools, difficulty, and showmanship, so you might want to learn all four just in case. The poke-through involves hammering a blunt object into the cork so that it falls into the wine itself.

6 Ways To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew

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