How did drew carey lose so much weight

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The Secret to Drew Carey’s Weight Loss – More Pounds Dropped?

how did drew carey lose so much weight

Drew Carey gives the skinny on his weight loss Carey looked so different, in fact, many reporters walked right past him at the most recent He said it was a year-long commitment to diet and exercise that did the trick. He cut.

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If you saw the photos last week, the transformation of Drew Carey from fat to thin is remarkable. Here are before and after shots:. So how did he lose so much weight? Gastric bypass? No — nothing like that.

Since the fall, viewers of the daytime game show "The Price is Right" have seen a dramatic weight change in the once rotund host. Like another famous comedy actor, John Goodman, Carey in the last year has shed a lot of weight in an effort to establish and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Carey looked so different, in fact, many reporters walked right past him at the most recent Television Critics Association press tour. According to Parade magazine, Carey set a goal to lose close to 90 pounds by November, dropping from a high of pounds at the start of the year to around He had shrunk from a size to a size waist by press tour last August. He said it was a year-long commitment to diet and exercise that did the trick.

The Price is Right host dropped the weight because it "sucks being fat". Drew Carey has been known as a loveable, teddy-bear type as far back as his long-running sitcom The Drew Carey Show.
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Drew Carey opens up about his remarkable weight loss and health transformation in this weekend's Parade Magazine. Carey has lost over 80 lbs so far, and hopes to have lost a total of 92 lbs by his self-imposed October 31 deadline, down to from his starting weight of lbs. He now eats right and exercises, is off of his medication for type-2 diabetes, and no longer pants trying to keep up with his fiancee's 5-year-old son. The comedian would be left breathless and sweating after just a few minutes of playing. I thought, I'm never going to see him graduate high school. As 'The Price Is Right Host' got healthier and stronger, he suffered one setback that was a realization:.

First of all, Drew Carey is a popular American actor and comedian , who is perhaps best known for his roles as a gameshow host, particularly on the Drew Carey Show and the improv show called Whose Line Is It Anyway. However, while most TV owners are probably well aware of who Drew Carey is, few people will know about his considerable weight loss achievements, and for many years, he was quite secretive about the methods and techniques that were used to achieve the success. To start with, Drew Carey initially weighed around pounds, and after becoming fed up with the excess weight he was carrying, he decided to set a goal of losing around 90 pounds. In addition to weighing pounds, Drew also had a size 44 waist, but by the end of the year, he had managed to reduce this number down to size 34, and he achieved a corresponding weight of roughly pounds. Of course, many people were shocked to see such a transformation in a relatively short period of time, and when asked what his secret was, he confessed that his commitment to a healthier diet and regular exercise over the course of 12 months was the only real secret that worked for him. On top of that, he made great use of a low-carb diet strategy that involved cutting out virtually all of the pasta and bread that he used to regularly enjoy.

Drew Carey Weight Loss (PICTURE): Did He Really Shed Diabetes along with Fat?

Drew Carey on Weight loss due to Cutting out all Carbs departing Dwts Studio in Hollywood

Drew Carey gives the skinny on his weight loss

Drew has always struggled with his weight and said that he failed to lose weight about five times before he really dialed it in the last year on his way to a whopping lb. What was the biggest epiphany for Drew Carey? Drew Carey said that he literally talked himself out of eating junk food and making poor choices with his health. Drew is now over 50 years old and stated that years of an unhealthy lifestyle have caused him to have type 2 diabetes issues, blood pressure issues, and also low energy levels. In late Drew realized that if he did not make an immediate change he could be a heart attack away from never seeing his family again — and this was all the motivation he needed to change. First things first — Drew had to figure out a way to kick his sugar and sweet tooth addiction.

Drew Shares How He Lost So Much Weight

From Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers , celebrities are hopping on the weight-loss bandwagon and getting paid big bucks to do it. But money aside, many stars are shedding the pounds in pursuit of healthier lives. With the help of diet and exercise and in some cases, surgery these celebs have gone through extreme transformations. Here are the most extreme weight loss transformations of famous celebs. Left: Actor Drew Carey seen carrying a bit of extra weight.



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  1. There is no easy remedy to the situation, something that The Price is Right host Drew Carey , who is a big fan of self-help books, came to realize after more than a few failures, before he finally got it.

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