How to preserve bird wings

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How to Preserve Bird Wings, Legs, and Heads...the Native Way!

how to preserve bird wings

Beginners Taxidermy . How to taxidermy a bird - Cleaning Wings

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Discussion in ' Beginners ' started by berberk , Jun 19, Welcome to the Taxidermy. Welcome to Taxidermy. We have put together a brief tutorial to help you with the site, click here to access it. Jun 19, 1. Hiya everyone! I registered for this specific question: I found a dead wood pigeon today and I want to preserve the wings and the feet only, sorry if that's not really taxidermy but I couldn't find a better active forum.

The following is a walk-through of the process I use to preserve larger bird wings for future craft work. This is not a tanning process. The end product is a clean, spread, dried wing with usable feathers. Many of my choices of materials and methods have to do with practical matters such as space, climate and time. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have or post about your own experiences with preserving larger bird wings. I received my most recent batch of wings on Monday. The 10 wings were from domestic geese.

Like that of a squirrel or skunk? How would you go about doing that? The biggest problem you'll have is the brain -you can't get the salt or borax to the brain to dry out. That means that it would start to rot, that bacteria would spread to the surrounding tissue. It would be frustrating and result in some awful smells. And eyeballs dry strangely.

Native peoples have been preserving the body parts of a wide variety of animals for many thousands of years. One way to do it with bird parts is easy and produces nice results. All the birds I've used have been found already dead. No animals were harmed. The unneeded parts were returned to the Earth with respect. At the time of this instructable, I have no dead birds to work on, so I will post drawings along with photos of the finished results. Birds can be carriers of salmonella and various parasites, so please wear gloves for your safety, and wash your hands and all tools thoroughly afterwards.


A little warning:. This is a rather bloody post, so iffff you are a bit squeamish, please skip this one…..

Larger Wing Preservation: Tips & Pics.



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