How to not be stupid

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A five-step guide to not being stupid

how to not be stupid

Sadhguru meditation - Don't Be Stupid About Being Smart, Why Do Smart People Do Stupid Things


Sometimes people just get under your skin. Luckily, you can reframe your thinking to make it easier to deal with people whom you think are dumb. If you're frustrated while talking to someone because you two aren't on the same page, try to find things you have in common with that person, or focus on the person's good qualities. Listen for opinions you agree with, and try to steer the conversation towards those topics. If you do get into a debate, try to imagine the subject from their perspective. Following these steps might even help you like the person more than you thought you would!

Even the smartest people can be fools. David Robson explains how to avoid the most common traps of sloppy thinking.
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Even if you've never heard of University of Michigan psychologist David Dunning, you are no doubt intimately familiar with the concept that bears his name. It's called the Dunning-Kruger effect , and it says that while the competent are often plagued with doubt, the incompetent tend to be blissfully sure of their excellence. Or to put it more bluntly, stupid or incompetent people are often too stupid or incompetent to understand exactly how stupid and incompetent they are. They think they're awesome. But in a great recent interview with Vox's Brian Resnick , Dunning explains that his work isn't just a handy label for your most annoying office mate or most hated politician. The Dunning-Kruger effect, he insists, suggests ways all of us can be both a little less dumb and a little less oblivious to our stupidity.

Shane Parrish: Adam, you did a presentation once on how not to be stupid. Can you tell me about that? What is stupidity? Adam Robinson: Right. In fact, stupidity is the cost of intelligence operating in a complex environment. And so I was asked by an organizer of an investment conference in the Bahamas of some elite global investors to do a talk on anything I wanted to do, except not about investing.

How Not to Be Stupid

I can tell you in advance. I think at heart, if I work at it, I can be smart.

How to Be Less Stupid

Even the smartest people can be fools. David Robson explains how to avoid the most common traps of sloppy thinking. If you ever doubt the idea that the very clever can also be very silly, just remember the time the smartest man in America tried to electrocute a turkey. Soon it became a regular party trick, as he wowed guests with his magical ability to command this strange force. During one of these demonstrations, however, Franklin became distracted, and made an elementary mistake — he touched one of the live jars while holding a metal chain in the other hand. The American surgeon Atul Gawande has written powerfully about a great tragedy in modern medicine.

Want to stop feeling stupid? Click here to learn more. We all do. Whilst some people will worry about it far more than others, even those who appear confident and successful on the outside will have moments when they feel stupid. People that perform well in academic environments, thriving under exam conditions, getting their head around equations in seconds or being able to structure an academic essay, are viewed, by many, as being the epitome of intelligence. Essay writing or equation solving is not the only sign of intelligence.


How NOT To Be Stupid In Life - Dre Baldwin


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