How to round whole numbers to the nearest hundredth

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Rounding numbers to the nearest 100

how to round whole numbers to the nearest hundredth

Rounding to Nearest Hundredths


Example: 73 rounded to the nearest ten is 70 , because 73 is closer to 70 than to But 76 goes up to There are several different methods for rounding. Here we look at the common method , the one used by most people. So: when the first digit removed is 5 or more, increase the last digit remaining by 1.

The numbers in the blue areas are rounded to Again, distance matters. Numbers from to are closer to than to Mark the numbers as dots on the number line approximately and round them to either or Round these numbers to the nearest hundred. Things work similarly on this number line when rounding to the nearest hundred :. Round these numbers to 2, or to 2,

When we round to the nearest hundred, the numbers “residing” in the red . Generate free printable worksheets for rounding whole numbers for grades
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Toggle navigation. If it is 4 or below, we let it go. If it is 4 or below , we let it go. In this example, it might be helpful to think of it as 39 rounding up to 40 instead of 9 rounding up to So we need to round to the nearest penny, or the nearest hundredth. Notice that 7 is in the hundredths place and there is a 0 to the right. That tells us to keep the 7 the same and drop everything else to the right of it.

Rounding Whole Numbers. Learning Objective s. In these cases, rounding the number to a specific place value is possible. For example, if you travelled miles, you might want to round the distance to 1, miles, which is easier to think about. Rounding also comes in handy to see if a calculation is reasonable. These are the rules for rounding whole numbers :.

Rounding numbers from the BBC. Follow the menu options or use the following links to learn more and to see examples of how to round numbers:. Try these rounding numbers worksheets to help practice. These printable number lines will also help with rounding numbers. There are also 3 rounding worksheet generators here that will provide an unlimited number of questions on rounding. You can generate and make rounding matching cards here.

Rounding to the Nearest Hundredth

Rounding to the nearest 100 - 3rd grade - Khan Academy

Rounding to the Nearest Hundred

A rounded number has about the same value as the number you start with, but it is less exact. For example, rounded to the nearest hundred is That is because is closer in value to than to When rounding a number, you first need to ask: what are you rounding it to? Numbers can be rounded to the nearest ten, the nearest hundred, the nearest thousand, and so on.




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