How much to feed a rabbit

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Rabbit Nutrition: Diet Requirements and Feeding Rabbits at Different Life Stages

how much to feed a rabbit

A Rabbits Daily Needs


A rabbit should be fed twice daily, in the morning and evening, and their daily diet should consist of:. There are also a large variety of rabbit treats sold in pet shops and most rabbits relish these. However it should be remembered that these are treats to be fed occasionally only and should not form a large part of the rabbit's diet as the overfeeding of treats with a high sugar content can lead to rabbits becoming obese. Each rabbit will have different tastes and not all rabbits like the same things to eat. However, it is important to know what foods are safe and not safe to feed to rabbits to avoid harming the rabbit and to help keep the rabbit healthy.

Feeding the right diet is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy rabbit. Rabbits should be fed the types of food they are adapted to eating. In the wild, rabbits eat predominantly grass. They may graze for up to hours a day. Their whole digestive tract from their teeth right down to the end of their gastrointestinal tract is adapted to this diet and eating pattern. Providing grass or grass hay to pet rabbits is critical to maintain health.

How much Food Should a Rabbit Eat?

What Is the Best Diet for a Rabbit? - Pet Rabbits

What you feed you rabbit has a big impact on their health and well-being. Feeding the correct diet to a young rabbit will support their growth and help them form good eating habits, which in turn will help avoid many diet related issues in adulthood. Although young rabbits eat the same types of foods as adults, we need to take into account the different nutritional needs of their growing bodies and the extra sensitivity of their developing digestive system. Like all mammals rabbit's initial diet is their mother's milk, which they'll continue to drink until weeks old. They first start nibbling on solids usually hay from around the nest between weeks and by they'll be eating the same foods as their mum plus milk. As rabbits are weaning between weeks their digestive system is adjusting from milk to adult solids, which is a particularly sensitive time and why rabbits should stay with their mother for a minimum of 8 weeks. If your rabbit is younger than 8 weeks: one, never get a rabbit from that source again they shouldn't be selling them, and two, you'll need to be particularly careful about your bunny's diet and try to avoid any changes.

Do not purchase more than 6 weeks worth of feed at a time, as it will become spoiled. Alfalfa pellets are fine for younger rabbits but timothy pellets are preferred for older rabbits. When shopping for vegetables, look for a selection of different veggieslook for both dark leafy veggies. Stay away from beans and rhubarb. Find out where to buy hay here.

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