How to install a window in an existing pole barn

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Installing Windows in a Pole Barn

how to install a window in an existing pole barn

You should make the frame with wood at least 1 inch thick and treated with a good waterproofer. Pole barn walls are thin, so the frame will project from both.

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A pole barn can provide you with valuable space for storage or working, or it can even be used as a residence. If you are planning to work or live in your pole barn or use it to shelter animals on a farm, you will need to install windows to provide light and ventilation. Buy new windows to install in your pole barn. Used windows can be subject to stresses and can shatter unexpectedly. Double-glazed windows are too heavy to be used in a pole barn. Choose the location for the window and mark it.

Steel building window installation is quick and easy. You may choose any style window that you would use in any other building for a steel building. Most metal building suppliers offer metal building windows in several styles and colors. Designed specifically for the metal building industry, these windows allow light and ventilation into the structure. However, there are some limitations on window placement for this style of window. Steel building style windows have no sub-frame.

Click to Post a New Message! Post: Windows for an existing metal building Hello all, I recently acquired an sq. I have included pics of the my building along with a pics showing what I have in mind window wise. Thank you in advance. Windows for an existing metal building I have no idea you will have a contractor find your request here. I assume the windows in the building you have placed there as what you want.

Welcome to Ask the Pole Barn Guru where you can ask questions about building topics, with answers posted on Mondays. With many questions to answer, please be patient to watch for yours to come up on a future Monday segment. Even worse, rain water can leak behind windows and enter walls. Moisture can also lead to wood rot which creates structural problems. When I first started constructing pole barns in , we hired the best crews we could possibly find to do our installations. It was not due to poor workmanship, but it was due to using standard flanged windows. We found a solution we started using only vinyl windows with integrated J Channels and our call backs due to window installations disappeared!

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Installing windows in a Pole Barn

How to Install Windows in a Pole Barn

A traditional pole barn is a roof supported on telegraph poles hence the name and is often used for storing hay. Pole barns used for animals and machinery also have walls of corrugated iron or timber sheeting. Rather than install a reclaimed window, purchase one especially for the job. Old windows are often subject to unknown stresses and have been known to shatter unexpectedly. Double-glazed windows are too heavy. Decide the best location for the window and mark it out.






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