How much is a gazillion

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Indefinite and fictitious numbers

how much is a gazillion

The number gazillion does not refer to nor contain a specific number of zeros because it is not an actual number. Gazillion is a descriptive word.

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Large Numbers. Return to 2 - 4. Previous : Origins of the -illions. How many zeroes does a zillion have? Kid's often ask this.

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Many languages have words expressing indefinite and fictitious numbers inexact terms of indefinite size, used for comic effect, for exaggeration, as placeholder names , or when precision is unnecessary or undesirable. One technical term for such words is "non-numerical vague quantifier". In English, some words that have a precise numerical definition are often used indefinitely: couple, literally 2; [3] dozen , literally 12; myriad , literally 10, In various Middle Eastern traditions, the number 40 is used to express a large but unspecific number, [4] [5] as in the Hebrew Bible 's "forty days and forty nights". In Latin , sescenti literally was used to mean a very large number, perhaps from the size of a Roman cohort.

How much is a Gazillion? Lets first break down the word Gazillion. Etymology of llion From million, from Latin mille, thousand, plus augmentative suffix -ion or -on literally big thousand. Gazzen, from Latin earthly edge , or end of the earth, abbreviated to gaz literally 28, ancient Greek miles 1 2 , been one full revolution of the globe. Therefore a Gazillion has x 3 zeros and a Gazillion is.

For your weekend edification I offer a math lesson. In this class everyone passes self-esteem is more important than learning, after all and there will be no quiz. I found its technique for understanding the practical meaning of a billion both understandable and worth sharing. Hence this excerpt, to help you get the concepts under control. Millions, billionsif they all sound like the same thing, one useful trick is to imagine those numbers as seconds. A million seconds is about A billion seconds is nearly 32 years.

How much do you think a zillion, bajillion, gazillion, etc would be?



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