How to know if a baseball game is rained out

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Game Delay and Postponement Information

how to know if a baseball game is rained out

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In the event a regulation game, as defined by Major League Baseball i. Fans holding paid tickets for postponed games may use them for the rescheduled game or exchange their paid tickets for any regular season game at Yankee Stadium within 12 months of the postponed game subject to availability. Complimentary tickets COMP or equivalent tickets bear no cash value and cannot be exchanged or redeemed for any benefits that may be offered to ticket s with a dollar value. Fans holding complimentary tickets for postponed games can only use their tickets for the rescheduled game. The New York Yankees announced that tonight's game between the Yankees and Rays has been postponed due to the forecast of severe inclement weather. Tonight's game has been rescheduled as the first game p.

Weather Overview. Postponed Delayed. Weather Impact Doubtful. Partly Cloudy. According to Forecast.

Rainout , washout , rain delay , and rain stopped play are terms regarding an outdoor event, generally a sporting event, delayed or canceled due to rain , or the threat of rain. It is not to be confused with a type of out in baseball, though a baseball game can be rained out. Delays due to other forms of weather are named "snow delay", "lightning delay", "thunderstorm delay", or "fog delay" or generically "weather delay" , while there are many other effects of weather on sport. Also, a night game can be delayed if the floodlight system fails. Often spectators will be issued a ticket for a make up event, known as a " rain check ". Sports typically stopped due to the onset of rain include baseball , golf , tennis , and cricket , where even slightly damp conditions in the latter three sports seriously affect playing quality and the players' safety.

A rainout is a game which is either cancelled, postponed or suspended because of weather conditions. Rainouts are not necessarily caused by rain: snow, fog, flooding, high winds, lightning storms, or other conditions that create a danger for those playing the game or for spectators, can cause a rainout.
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In baseball , a rain check is a ticket issued to spectators which admits them to the ballpark at a later date at no additional cost to the ticket holder. It is issued if a game is cancelled due to rain or other inclement weather, or if a game has been started but suspended due to inclement weather prior to the point of becoming an official game five innings in regular season Major League Baseball games or at any time during the postseason. Rain checks were originally separate tickets issued by the home team to spectators as they left the ballpark following a rainout. In modern times, the ticket to the rained out game serves as the rain check. The practice has been recorded since the s [1] [2] though it did not become generally established until the 20th century [2] and today the term " rain check " is used idiomatically to refer to any deferred promise. The institution of issuing tickets for games canceled due to rain dates at least to , [3] [1] while the term rain check dates to at least ; in the National League it was pioneered by the St.


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  1. In the event there is a delay due to inclement weather of greater than one hour prior to the game becoming an official game and the game is resumed and becomes an official game, tickets purchased through nationals.

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