Tunnel from mexico to chicago

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The San Diego-Chicago Connection: Mexican Cartelsí Super Tunnels

tunnel from mexico to chicago

Inside Secret Drug Tunnels Running From the US to Mexico

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CNN Smugglers on the U. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Authorities raid drug tunnel along Mexican border. Mexican drug cartels invade North Dakota. Six tons of cocaine seized from submarine.

It all began August 13, when police in the border city of San Luis, Arizona, say they saw the owner of a now-abandoned business bringing several plastic containers outside and loading them onto a trailer, according to court documents obtained by CNN affiliate KGUN. Officers pulled the man over for an unspecified equipment violation.
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The U. Border Patrol said Tuesday that the clandestine passage measured feet meters , including feet meters into the United States in the town of Jacumba. The solar system powered lighting and the ventilation system. It was also lined with a rail system that ran the entire length of the tunnel and had two sump pumps. Mexican authorities discovered the tunnel Sept. It did not have an exit point in the U. They are typically used to smuggle drugs from Mexico to the U.

Feds raid drug 'super tunnel' with railway on U.S.-Mexico border

Mexico border tunnel: Chinese and Mexican nationals arrested at smuggling tunnel - TomoNews

Drug Tunnel From Mexico To Arizona Found Under Former KFC

One tunnel is about 50 feet long, unfinished, and stretches across two countries. It starts along the drainage channels that a U. Another one runs about 80 feet, also unfinished. Its opening was found inside an abandoned store in the Mexican border city of Nogales. A third one is about 30 feet, also found somewhere in Nogales, though it's unclear where it starts or ends. The stalemate over Trump's signature campaign promise has resulted in what is now the longest government shutdown in the country's history, leaving thousands of federal workers without pay.

El Chapo Sells His Luxury Tunnel and May Move to Chicago

What if you were told they are as close to us Chicago or San Diego? How would this knowledge change how comfortable you are around your town? Many who are living in the hood on the day-to-day may be used to drug trafficking and violence, which is another story, altogether. Chicago has been dealing with record high levels of gun violence and death. From there, it fed cocaine and heroin thru a pipeline directly into Chicago and the Midwest. Chicago is the major hub for all forms of distribution in the Midwest United States. With Chicago being a major Midwest metropolis, it is the perfect place for any major drug operation to plug into and expand their reach.


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  1. Federal authorities seized 12 tons of marijuana worth nearly $6 million in the cross-border tunnel. Equipped with a lighting and ventilation system, the drug smuggling subway links a warehouse in San Diego to one in Tijuana, Mexico. "The cartels have a big footprint in Chicago.

  2. Smuggling tunnels underneath the US-Mexico border have been found on occasion in the past, built by criminal organizations to traffic drugs.

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