Freedom debt relief phone number


freedom debt relief phone number

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Debt settlement or forgiveness often seems like a good option ó and last straw ó for someone deep in debt. It essentially involves convincing the creditor to settle for less than the amount due because the debtor is unable to pay. While debt settlement is a process that takes time, the most important ó and difficult ó part is to convince the creditor. Of course, no one wants to settle for less than what is due. This situation usually occurs with unsecured debt, without collateral. Examples of unsecured debt include credit card debt , medical bills, utility bills, student loans, lines of credit, and personal loans. Since these loans have no collateral, there is nothing that the creditors can seize to raise the amount due.

Jointed Freedom Debt Relief , made every single payment, am a single senior woman who prides herself on her credit. They took care of my debts, not sure which ones, the story changed everytime I asked someone when I called the company. I have some phone calls where they wanted to They are crooks dont listen to their promises. They will prioritize your debt as they see fit and dont care who is breathing down your neck. They will even refuse to make a courtesy call to let the debt collector know that you are working with them. They also have a class action law suit

Our co-founders and CEOs, Bradford Stroh and Andrew Housser, established our company with one goal: to provide an affordable debt solution for people who are struggling with heavy debt. To do this, we negotiate with creditors and get them to accept less than our clients owe. The process, also known as debt negotiation, debt resolution, or debt settlement, could help clients resolve debt for less and become debt free faster than they thought possible. Since our founding, Freedom Debt Relief has grown to be the largest debt settlement company in the nation, with over , enrolled clients. Our company continues to grow to meet the needs of consumers, employing over 2, employees who are dedicated to the cause of helping our clients reach their financial goals. At Freedom Debt Relief, we take a people-first approach to debt settlement. Clients who sign up for our program receive a personalized debt relief plan with monthly program payments that fit their budget.

They work with you individually to evaluate your current debt scenario and to determine whether or not their services can help you. Depending on your financial situation, Freedom Debt Relief could help alleviate your debt burden while avoiding bankruptcy. Learn more about this California-based company to find how out they work and if you qualify. During this phone call, you and a Certified Debt Consultant review your debt situation and discuss potential solutions to make sure their program is the best option for you. The goal is to save you money over time compared to making minimum payments on your balances by eliminating debt in a much shorter time frame.

I am impressed with settlements reached. Look forward to having my life manageable for retirement. I want to thank and acknowledge Robyn Durnil my Debt Consultant who helped me with smooth debt relief program enrollment. She has an excellent customer service experience. My debt reduction is going faster than I hoped. They are easy to contact and respond quickly to any communication that you send.

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