The new edition story season 1 episode 1

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the new edition story season 1 episode 1

The New Edition Story - Season 1 on the Best Quality Watch Here! Always latest Episodes - We add New Video every hour.

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It was originally broadcast on BET from January 24 through January 26, , becoming the network's first scripted miniseries. All six members of New Edition served as co-producers. Narration by Brook Payne Wood Harris , the group's first manager, sets the stage: all six members of New Edition are back on tour in , almost twenty years after the group's formation, separations, and solo projects. Tensions reach a boiling point at the New Mexico concert. As Brown - whose decade-long selfishness and severely erratic behavior resulted in his being suspended from the group a decade prior - starts yet another song well after his scheduled time is up, DeVoe goes on stage, thanking Brown for his performance. After briefly walking off stage, an enraged Brown returns and gets into a confrontation with DeVoe, as the musical performance is replaced by a wild brawl among the various New Edition members and their entourages, punctuated by a gunshot. Payne's narration states that ego, pride, and greed resulted in this blow up of what had once been a successful group and decides to rewind the scene nearly twenty years, back to the group's founding in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

I was one of the first to view part one a few weeks ago, and I can honestly say that watching it a 2nd time was just as enjoyable as the first! Authenticity is key! That one fact gives insight as to why the biopic was so authentic and had such impressive detail, particularly in regards to wardrobe and production design. Kudos to BET and casting for the talented youngsters involved in making the biopic. Album covers, dance routines and video shoots were all reconstructed down to the tiniest details. We even learn a previously unknown story behind the Candy Girl cover, where Bobby Brown looked a bit perturbed after Ralph was placed in the middle. His set goes a lil too long and violence erupts.

The budding actor has a few movies under his belt and this latest role could catapult him to the next level. The biographical miniseries chronicles the roller-coaster ride of the group on and off the stage from their humble beginnings in Boston to superstardom to individual solo success to the breakup and reunion with Bobby Brown and more. Powers has only seen video excerpts of the movie and is excited to finally see the final edition of the film. But also good for New Edition because they deserve something like this and the culture of boy bands. So this is going to be huge. I really think it can get an Emmy.

Entertainment News. Entertainment Music News. Lifers, those life-long, die hard fans of one of the most popular boy-bands since The Jackson 5, all the tea on Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny too. Instead, The New Edition Story takes fans from the groups humble beginnings in the Orchard Park housing projects in Roxbury, Boston, to their meteoric rise to fame—the shady record contracts, the infighting, betrayal, the breakups and the make ups, and everything that makes them the beloved group they are today. But before you break out your old N. Heartbreak concert tee and memorabilia, and brush off all your classic New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe choreography, check out these five things you need to know about The New Edition Story. Director Chris Robinson wanted to give diehard fans the most authentic portrayals possible.

The series also stars Patch Darragh and Claudine Nako as their respective parents. Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan created the series, and will both serve as executive producers. Mohan will also serve as director for the bulk of the series, with Ry Russo-Young directing episodes as well. Everything Sucks! Not sensationalized, not watered down; but desperate, heartfelt, awkward, and exciting.

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How Many Episodes Is 'The New Edition Story'? BET's Biopic Has A Lot Of Ground To Cover

Lifetime may always cause a stir with its music biopics I'm personally counting down the days until Britney Ever After premieres , but BET is serving up all the real-life drama you could ask for with much less camp in its current musical event. ET on BET, and it's going to give one of the most famous boy bands in history the cinematic treatment. But considering the fact that the group formed nearly 40 years ago and its influence is still felt in the music industry today, I'm wondering how many episodes The New Edition Story will have and how much of the band's career it will cover. The miniseries will air over the course of three nights with one two-hour episode airing each night beginning on Tuesday, according to BET. The New Edition Story is going to pack more than 40 years of music history into those three episodes.

My devotion to the genre was rewarded: The New Edition Story is an exceptionally well-made, fast-paced, warts-and-all biopic. It follows the usual narrative path — hardscrabble kids hustling to make it big, achieving stardom only to have the group riven with infighting and ego. Telephone Man. Nation of Islam? But The New Edition Story remains vibrant and clever. It takes a group that is arguably underrated and gives it a glowing showcase. Bad Russian Accent: President Trump's flaw here is quite simple.

Inside The New Edition Story (Part 2) - The New Edition Story

BET aired Part 1 of 'The New Edition Story,' last night and social media to how Bobby became 'Bobby' as we meet him as an innocent 10 year old, Part 2 of the 3-part mini-series airs tonight (January 25, ) on BET.
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  1. Eleven year old Bobby Brown convinces some friends (Ricky Bell, Mike Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe, and their debut song "Candy Girl" hits #1 on the charts.

  2. Season 1 guide for The New Edition Story TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Track The New Edition Story season 1.

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