The wire season 4 episode 13

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The Wire re-up: season four, episode 13 the end?

the wire season 4 episode 13


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Season four began on September 10, The series expanded its scope again to include an examination of the school system. Other major plots include the mayoral race that continues the political storyline begun in season three, and a closer look at Marlo Stanfield 's drug gang, which has grown to control most of western Baltimore's trafficking. Reg E. Cathey's Norman Wilson is the only new starring character to make his first appearance in the season. Other new additions to the starring cast are Chad L.

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With a running time of 78 minutes, it is the second longest episode of the whole series and widely regarded as the best episode in the shows history. Sergeant Jay Landsman walks into the homicide unit office humming a carol. His Christmas spirit is rapidly dispelled when he sees several red names being added to the case board. He quizzes Detective Ed Norris about the board; Norris tells him that Lester Freamon is responsible, having received the go-ahead to search vacant houses for concealed bodies. Landsman is angry at the sudden drop in his squad clearance rate and calls Freamon a Hun , a Vandal and a Visigoth. Landsman next asks what Norris is working on and is dismayed to find out that he is also working a new case: that of a deliberate killing using poisoned narcotics.

More bodies will confound the Baltimore homicide statistics, embarrass the city. He goes to the Maryland governor to beg for state money to save the Baltimore schools. Omar and Renaldo have successfully robbed a huge shipment of narcotics destined for the Baltimore gangland. Randy Wagstaff is sent to a group home after his house was firebombed. Since Carcetti gave the order to open up all the vacant house and collects bodies, the number of unsolved murders threatens to overwhelm the Baltimore Police Department. In his desire to take revenge on a neighborhood tough who has repeatedly beaten and robbed him, Bubbles commits a fatal error.

The Wire Final Grades Recap Season 4 Episode 13

The book features blogposts on every episode from all five seasons, plus interviews with the cast and features on the show as well as many, many of your comments, which have made this blog the great forum it is., I been out there since I was I been straight up.

The season finale of ''The Wire'': Taking a stand

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. Watch now. Title: Final Grades 10 Dec Distraught at Sherrod's death, Bubbles attempts to commit suicide.



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