Star season 2 episode 12

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star season 2 episode 12

Star - Dreamers: Drama ensues after Rapper Quavo is asked to join Midtown Sound, which upsets Noah as he continues to harbor unpleasant feelings towards.

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It's not that every other episode of 'Star Trek: Discovery' has felt like a pointed step towards a more familiar iteration of the 'Trek' we all know and remember, but you've got to wonder when will the writing become less sloppy and make itself more tighter and effective. Of course, the rule of thumb in 'Star Trek', whether it's 'The Next Generation' or 'Deep Space Nine', or to a lesser degree 'Voyager', is that it needs two seasons to find its feet. Almost none of them land right on their first season, and the stumble off from the second yields some interesting episodes. Also, as if from nowhere, Chancellor L'Rell reveals that it's where time crystals are harvested. Because, y'know, it's just that simple and easy. Mary Chieffo as Chancellor L'Rell. That the episode rounds on Pike and keeps the focus on him is a smart move, as he's clearly the most engaging character in this season so far.

This is how the season begins to make its way towards the finale: By blowing up both alliances and people. Yeah, this was an emotional episode, and nobody is in a great place by the end of it.
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Can you tell there are only two episodes left after this one? After the big reveals of recent episodes , this season has become all about trying to change the future. Or rather, how to avoid a possible and increasingly likely future where an AI has wiped out all sentient life. The role of fate in the universe, how much of the future is malleable, those are interesting questions. Ones that Star Trek loves to chew on every now and then. With Dr. The revelation that Dr.

Welcome to another week where we recap, react to and ruminate about Star Trek: Discovery. Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 12 hit a lot of the right spots as it prepared us for the final two episodes. This post will mostly contain minor spoilers. This time, above the Klingon monastery on the planet Boreth. We soon come to learn that time crystals are also on that planet. It is during this time that they come to learn that a Section 31 ship had some unusual behavior. Burnham is in fight mode.

STAR season 3 episode 12 is titled Toxic. But whether who or what is toxic in the upcoming episode, no one knows yet until Fox drops the eleventh and twelfth installments on March 20 and March 27, respectively. The tenth episode of the series is titled When Stars Fall. And this is focused on Star's downfall as she was sent to prison. As for Alex, her singing career has become more fruitful which made everyone think about their respective careers.

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Robert Downey Jr., Alongside this, Simone finds a way to even things up with Angel.

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The Moclan intergender war is something many historians and societies struggle under patriarchal rule. Issues from reproductive freedoms to even the right to just exist are dealt with here — and are also the same social struggles women all over our world still deal with to this day. In certain countries, women are subjugated to far greater oppressive standards then their male contemporaries, from appearance to social status — today, we see attempts to criminalize abortion in the United States with even a Texas lawmaker proposing the death penalty as punishment. Are we in the first world so different than the barbarism we claim superiority over? After discovering a female Moclan renegade colony, the Planetary Union is forced to confront and re-examine their relationship with Moclus — who are unabashedly misogynistic, forcing gender reassignment surgery to reinforce their status single-sex, all male society. Commander Bortus Peter Macon , in arguably his strongest turn of the season was at odds with Moclan traditions: he stood firm, because he evolved to embrace the standards of the Planetary Union… to embrace all life forms as equal and the idea of feminism, which as an aside is often misconstrued as misandary.


'STAR' Season 3 Episode 12 Air Date, Spoilers: 'Toxic' Might Still Leave Star In Prison




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