Easy waves oil sheen comb out conditioner hairspray

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Easy Waves - Pack - Curl Activator Gel & Comb-Out Conditioner Hairspray - Pack (2 x 250ml)

easy waves oil sheen comb out conditioner hairspray

360 Waves: ORS Olive and Coconut Oil Sheen Spray

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This uniquely scientifically formulated holding spray goes on light yet it frimly holds the hair in place. Designer Touch Glistening Gloss seals the hair cuticle layer and uses shea butter to provide moisture to dry or damaged hair from the root to the very tip leaving it smooth glossy and silky looking. Smoothes and coonditions while protecting against damage and frizzand it also polishes and shines. Olive Oil Leave In Conditioner smoothes the damaged hair shaft and seals the cuticle for easy combin with no snarls or tangles. It repairs and re-bonds the hair for that healthy silky, shiny look.

The Easy Waves banded pack has become a staple in my hair regime its: widely available, it works, its affordable The spray gives your hair a bit of a sheen, not oily just enough to make your hair have a healthy glow. Whenever i purchase he Easy waves twin pack i always end up using the Gel only. The Gel is light pink lol looks like its strawberry,smells really divine. I use the gel whenever i have braids on to keep my natural hair hairline intact and neat all day Long. Oil sheen spray: This is a ml spray that moisturises the hair. I usually wet my hair before spraying this on because I find that the product just works better.

Is specially formulated with Argan Oil Moroccan Oil to help repair damaged hair and minimize split ends and frizz while locking in moisture, leaving a healthy hair structure and improving your hair's shine, elasticity and softness. Contains proteins to help strengthen weak and damaged hair. Lanolin to impart sheen, body and volume, Iodine to help heal damaged scalp and Vitamins to aid in faster growth of hair. Excellent for all hair types, blow drying, curling and flat ironing, wigs and weaves. This distinctive new crystal clear formula is developed to provide that extra hold required to create and wear today's sophisticated hairstyles. This extra hold formula has conditioners that not only holds hair longer but also repels moisture and prevents reversion. Formulated to give hair a silky, straight, beautiful, healthy look.

This detangling brush has been modified to easily glide through thick and curly hair. Notice that rows of bristles are missing to minimize breakage and snagging during the detangling process. Also features a rubber base to help define curls and a non-slip grip for a stronger hold. Divide hair into sections. Start from the bottom and slowly work your way to the root. Repeat in each section.

Easy Waves Oil Sheen Comb Out Conditioner - 350ML

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Simple Hairstyle - For Short or Medium 4c Natural Hair

Description: Easy Waves Curl Activator Gel Conditioner Hairspray ml. Detailed Description: Curl activator gel with glycerine:Oil sheen comb out moisturises.
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