One job should be enough

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'One job should be enough': Marriott hotel workers' strike hits eight US cities

one job should be enough

SF PRIDE 2019 "One Job Should Be Enough!" Unite Here Local 2 & Free Chelsea & Assange

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Photographs by David Bacon Click to see all photos. As contract negotiations get underway, some 12, of those employees have contracts expiring later this year. According to D. It opens a new hotel every 18 hours. Technology is transforming hotel work, with self-check-in kiosks, robot room-service delivery, and mechanical bartenders. In negotiations, workers want guarantees that jobs will not only pay enouogh to live on, but will last during this period of change. Meanwhile, hotel work is not just underpaid, but is dangerous.

Last fall, nearly 8, Marriott workers in eight cities carried out the largest hotel strike in U. Click here for more information. Ade Adigoun of St. Louis Park has worked as a housekeeper at the Millennium Hotel for the last 15 years. Their remarks have been edited lightly for length and clarity. Ninety percent of housekeepers are minorities or immigrants.

Historical Essay. Strikers, non-striking hotel workers and members of other unions march through downtown San Francisco in a march of 2, people. An inside look at the recent victory of hotel workers in San Francisco shows that a very democratic process, controlled by the workers themselves, was combined with multicity coordination to win substantial wage increases, workload reductions and job protections. Two prior pieces in Truthout covered the original vote and decision to strike before the strike actually started, and then life on the picket lines , featuring the voices of the workers in the middle of their struggle. The reflections below, which have been edited for length and clarity, complete the picture, explaining exactly how the victory was achieved. In my experience, when you articulate a vision to the members and challenge them, and you have a bold plan to win, the members will rise to the occasion. They will take the reins and run the union.

Rashida Tlaib, and several Virginia state lawmakers, airline food preparation workers took their nationwide struggle against their bosses public with a July 23 protest that drew almost 1, people and virtually filled the old main hall at Washington National Airport. The workers, organized by Unite Here, demand union recognition, better wages and benefits, and an end to employer interference in their organizing drives at airports nationwide. SkyChef employs 11, food prep workers for American Airlines and Delta, while 4, more who toil for CafeGourmet, organized with the Teamsters, prepare food for a third airline, United. But the workers who prepare and load food and beverages onto their planes are often left living in poverty and unable to afford healthcare. But the money and the real control rests with the air carriers.

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The union represents approximately 20, Marriott hotel employees in total with another quarter-million workers in related industries. Activists say incomes have lagged far behind inflation and cost of living, and many complain they must often work two or three full-time jobs to afford basic necessities. -


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  1. The following day, they were joined by workers at Marriott hotels in San Francisco and San Jose, California, bringing the total number of strikers to 4,

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