Certified hair colorist near me

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certified hair colorist near me

The certification of haircolorists has long been a vision of many professionals in our industry. Our goal is to establish a standard by which to judge competence.

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If hair color is your passion and you want to honor that part of your professionalism, a great way is to become certified by the American Board of Certified Haircolorists ABCH. It takes a lot of both "book" study and hands-on preparation working with a mannequin, but stylists say it's worth it. They do it both for the marketing potential and just for their own satisfaction. When Michelle Wilson received her certification some years back, she was a stylist at Panache Salon in Oklahoma City and the only certified colorist in the entire state of Oklahoma. Since passing the test, I've had a lot more clients say, 'Wow! This is exactly the color of my hair when I was a child.

Advanced and continued color education gives me the ability to help you achieve the color you've been looking for. I consistently stay educated in new and innovative ways to design your ultimate look, from icy platinum to warm honey blondes, rich chocolate brunettes or vibrant long lasting reds. I can give you a beautiful color you'll love. Never been happy with your hair color or a mistake was made to your color? Call us for an appointment at AK Haircolor and Design at We hope to inspire you to be your personal best, where comfort and style meet creativity.

We are a color focused, full-service, hair salon where we are all American Board Certified Haircolorists. The additional training and third-party testing involved in being Board Certified enable us to precisely color your hair. Hence, for us, precision color is being able to give clients predictable hair color results. As a Davines sustainable beauty partner salon, we are pleased to use and to offer our clients high-quality products from Parma, Italy. We are a Green Circle Certified Salon.

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Do you know if the elements reviewed during your consultation with your hair colorist are either setting you up for OR avoiding a potential hair color horror story? There is a major gap in all of the above scenarios if you are not discussing your skin tone, your skin undertone and colors that look best on you example - your color analysis results including your color season and flow of color season. All of these elements are key requirements in determining what your optimal hair color s are. Colors that look good on someone else, don't necessarily translate into those colors looking good on you. Everyone is perfectly unique.



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