5 examples of intangible cultural heritage in the philippines

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5 examples of intangible cultural heritage in the philippines

Intangible cultural element, Practicing ethnic group/s and of the Philippines that may be nominated by the.

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The folk game was labeled as a tradition that strengthens humanity during the 10th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, held in Namibia, alongside other traditional tugging rituals in Viet Nam, Cambodia, the Republic of Korea. According to their website, tugging rituals and games, which are prevalent among rice-farming cultures, "promote social solidarity, provide entertainment and mark the start of a new agricultural cycle. It is the first multinational inscription of the Philippines but the the third element of the Philippines on the prestigious list, the other two being the Hudhud chants and the Darangen epic. With your meaningful insights, help shape the stories that can shape the country. Sign up now!

In the Philippines, experts have so far identified and documented hundreds of intangible cultural heritage elements in the country. And since the passing of the National Cultural Heritage Act of , the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, particularly its Intangible Heritage unit, has intensified the listing of intangible heritage. Edited by anthropologist and award-winning writer Jesus Peralta, the book is a pioneering and the most extensive publication thus far on Philippine intangible cultural heritage. Landa Jocano, textile expert Dr. Norma Respicio, among others. Their contributions include intangible cultural elements of the country in five ICH domains—oral traditions and expressions; performing arts; social practices, rituals and festive events; knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe; and traditional craftsmanship spanning from precolonial Philippines to the traditions and practices of the present.

Philippines and the 2003 Convention

CULTURAL HERITAGE - Philippine Literature and Cultural Heritage

Supporting policy development in the field of intangible cultural heritage. Training of trainers for the facilitators from Europe. Fourth meeting of the


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