The usb storage device is not connected su 41333 4

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How To Fix PS4 Safe Mode Loop

the usb storage device is not connected su 41333 4

when i try to reinstall from usb it just tells me that The USB storage device is not connected. with an error code of SU please help me!.

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Ps4 controller not coming on and it is fully charged. So recently I've been getting an error code SU It doesn't appear in the error code directory and here are the steps I've gone through to trouble shoot. Start the machine, machine tries to start but can't and goes into safe mode. It then tells me please wait and says "Cannot Find Update file. So, since this recent system update I've been having a lot of issues in parties, specifically that no one can connect to Shareplay if I'm the host, no matter who it is, who their location. I have no issues with anything like youtube, or video streaming, or playing online games, I just can't get anyone to connect to Shareplay.

After inserting the USB it says that there is no USB connected. I have tried removing the hard drive and putting it back in, holding down the power button until 2.
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You can manually initiate your PlayStation by pressing and holding down the power button. You then release the button after two beeps or after 8 seconds. In Safe mode boot loop, the console is unable to boot into normal mode mainly because it is unable to read necessary firmware files that are used during boot time, but it is different from the infinite boot loop. Once the console goes into safe mode, you are presented with a menu that has 7 available options that may fix start-up issues and enable your console to start in normal mode. Man guys I was freaking out too.

How do you make PS4 read it? Continue reading for the answers. This post will show you two different cases as well as the full solutions. During the use of a PS4, you might need to use a USB flash - for example, to transfer PS4 video files and pictures so you can watch them in other places or make a backup of these important files to avoid data loss in case the PS4 system ever fails. Take a look at the following figures:. In fact, many people have reached out for help regarding this issue.

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PS4 Error SU-41333-4 Possible Fault (READ DESCRIPTION)

Ps4 usb storage device not connected

If your PS4 is refusing to boot, you may need to reinstall the system software. This video takes you through the process of how to fix your PS4 quickly and easily. We also how to restore your data after you've fixed the console. If these steps did.. Error Terror Gaming. I wasnt sure should i upload that video or not because its not actually a repair or fix but is something that i found out that might happen to others like me. There wasnt a problem with the console actually was a USB drive that the console wont recogn..

The full installation file found at the bottom of the page will erase the HDD so maybe try the update file first. I tried everything and it doesn't work on my ps4 pro I already tried two different harddrives and only the 1 TB it has work.

PS4 Can't Read USB Flash Drive, How Can I Fix It? (2 Cases)

Hi guys I am sorry if this video does not help you but if it does a like and subscribe will help a lot hope you guys have a good good day! This quick tutorial will show you a few methods to fix error number SU Typically this error prevents you from booting up your PS4. We will use the safe How to fix this error go to option 6 which is initialize in safe mode NOT option 7. I wasnt sure should i upload that video or not because its not actually a repair or fix but is something that i found out that might happen to others like me. A PS4 console failed to install system software with an error code su usb device not found.




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  1. connect a usb storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation version the usb storage device is not connected (SU).

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