The national trouble will find me

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The National, 'Trouble Will Find Me': Track-By-Track Review

the national trouble will find me

May 21, The National's sixth album is their leanest and most aerodynamic, easily The question they ask on Trouble Will Find Me is both relatable and.


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The National embody what a lot of people love in rock bands. It has to do with the concept of paying dues -- a rite of passage we love to see bands earn -- and the National are the definition of it. The Ohio indie rockers have been fighting the good fight since and didn't start to actually make money until a half-decade had passed. Old school, right? Three years later, they followed with "High Violet," an album which found frontman Matt Berninger then 39 years old easing into that role, which included being a father for the first time. Along with bandmates the Dessner brothers Aaron and Bryce and the Devendorf brothers Bryan and Scott , the National had reached a level of comfort very few indie rock acts achieve.

Lot and his wife are key elements of the Bible, the Torah, and the Quran. As the story goes, Lot and his family flee the city of Sodom, upon which the Lord is raining fire and brimstone for the wickedness of its inhabitants. The Lord gives Lot one pivotal instruction: don't look back. But as the family leaves the city, Lot's wife looks back, and is promptly turned into a pillar of salt. Such is the paradox of the Abrahamic god: he will smite the wicked, but he will also turn on you in a heartbeat for the slightest offence. While Lot's adventures continue from that point in even grosser ways, if you're reading the Bible or Torah the pangs of guilt he feels in the moment of his wife's destruction have reveberated through the millenia and resurface on "I Should Live in Salt," the opening track of the National's new album, Trouble Will Find Me.

Upon first spin, Trouble Will Find Me , the warm, wistful, and weary sixth long-player from the National , sounds a lot like 's warm, wistful, and weary High Violet , but where the former was built on a foundation of suburban despondency and casual, middle class self-destruction and skillfully juggled melodrama and dark comedy , the latter feels mired in regret, seeking refuge in the arms of old friends and lost lovers, sounding for all the world like a single cube of ice lazily swirling about a recently drained tumbler of single malt scotch, a notion best intoned on early album standout "Demons," which casually announces "I am secretly in love with everyone I grew up with. However, it's that very familiarity that fuels the ire of many of the band's detractors, especially those who consider them to be a slightly creepier, American Coldplay , and while there is definitely an intangible, Mad Men-esque sense of unease that permeates Trouble Will Find Me , one could hardly use the words dangerous or forward-thinking when dissecting its myriad parts. That said, this is the band that performed a chilling rendition of the George R. Martin-penned "Rains of Castamere" over the closing credits of the season two finale of Game of Thrones. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country.

Album Review: The National - Trouble Will Find Me

The National's sixth album is their leanest and most aerodynamic, easily accessible and self-assured by virtue of focusing on the visceral power of Matt Berninger's vocals and Bryan Devendorf's taut, inventive drumming., Many a band waffles after success, making, instead, what they think the audience wants to hear. The angelic harmonies and those sky-searching guitar lines keep the head up, rather than staring down towards the cracked earth in disappointment.

Trouble Will Find Me

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Produced by band members Aaron and Bryce Dessner , the album features appearances from St. The album received widespread critical acclaim upon its release. Regarding the tour's completion, and the collective mental state of the band at this time, lead vocalist Matt Berninger noted, "[We] felt satisfied at the end of touring High Violet. It was the first time ever, or at least in the past ten years, where we felt like we could put the band on the shelf for a little while, put a record out in three, four years. Berninger, however, became inspired by guitarists Aaron and Bryce Dessner 's recent demo recordings, and subsequently completed his writing contributions to the album's opening track, "I Should Live in Salt", a day after initially hearing it. Bass guitarist Scott Devendorf noted, "Our typical way of working was to send stuff to Matt, then wait a while to get some mumbles back.





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