Top 10 batsmen in the world of all time

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The 5 Greatest ODI Batsmen of the New Millenium

top 10 batsmen in the world of all time

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Some batsmen paint beautiful pictures with their strokes and score runs. Some make runs with patience and grit. Some destroy bowling attacks with an onslaught. Career stats in Tests: 40 matches, 1, runs, Career stats in ODIs: matches, 8, runs,

Other than the World Cups, which draw sizeable audiences, most ODI series or tournaments have seen a clear dip in following. Test cricket continues to draw the traditionalists and purists who like their cricket pristine and unbeholden to modern commercialism. T20 dominates world cricket in terms of viewer interest. Today, in countries where cricket is not a lucrative pursuit, established players have opted to give even national test and ODI series a miss in order to make themselves available for T20 tournaments around the world - like the IPL or the Big Bash, and lately, even the Afghanistan Premier League. Others say T20 cricket is just ODI cricket without the boring middle overs. Whatever your opinion, it certainly does seem that ODI cricket might not be around far into the future.

Cricket is An outdoor game played on a large grass field with the ball, bats, and two wickets, between teams of eleven players. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. Batting is more popular in cricket than bowling and so is batsman than a bowler. But still, there are few batsmen in the world who are recognized in cricket history due to their Great Performances. He has an amazing ability in defense and plays with patience. He has played lots of crucial innings in test cricket and ODIs.

The Wisden is a set of lists created by Wisden which attempted to objectively rate the best individual innings performances in Test and One Day International cricket in each of the disciplines of batting and bowling. The Test list was released in and the ODI list was released in The ratings were calculated by scoring each individual batting and bowling performance in various criteria. Apart from the player's actual score or figures, criteria which were taken into account included the strength of the opposition players, the quality of the pitch , the result of the match, and the player's contribution to this result. The top-rated batting performance was Donald Bradman 's for Australia against England at Melbourne in the 37 Ashes series.

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