Is the ti 36x pro allowed on the fe exam

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Best Calculator for the Professional Engineer's Exam

is the ti 36x pro allowed on the fe exam

Choose the best calculator for the FE exam with 3 simple choices. and TIX, that includes many versions like the a, a-SE IIB, IIS Pro etc.

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Products Blog Login. These are the three models that are still readily available if you happen to have one of the older models then I suspect you're fully versed in the model and I would stick with it. Calculators are obviously an important part of the FE exam and make a big difference in the time spent per question. You still need to use your head if you are going to get the most out of them so here are the ways to make sure your calculator becomes your best friend. There are a number of models but you'll have trouble finding a model other than the ES Plus.

Best NCEES-Approved Calculators for the FE Exam. The top Under Pearson rules, calculator covers are not permitted into the testing center. This is because Texas Instruments developed the TIX Pro to compete in the.
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You will want to choose wisely when it comes to selecting a calculator for the PE exam. The final four in this tournament of scientific calculators were these:. The factors considered and the reasoning behind my final choice are fairly solid. I personally prefer the style and feel of one of the other four. The primary reason for choosing this model over the other contenders is the availability of free instructional video for the TI 36X Pro. The reasoning is this: You can have the best functionality in the world available at your fingertips; however if you do not know how to use its capabilities, you are at a disadvantage.

To me, the most important feature of your calculator is making sure it can use polar and rectangular numbers together when carrying out any type of arithmetic. This introduces additional unnecessary steps to solve questions during the pe exam which means increasing the chances of getting a wrong answer due to a slip in polarity, a simple math mistake, writing down the wrong number, or interpreting your handwriting wrong. Make sure you get a calculator that can do this and save time on the exam while cutting down on wasted time converting back and forth during study sessions. The good news is that you can get either for just about 20 bucks on amazon so it is pretty risk-free if you want to grab both and try them out like I did to see what works best for you. Amazon sells them at a cheaper price than I have seen in stores and will deliver to your doorstep in two days for FREE if you already have a prime account you can get a six-month free trial if you still have your. Make sure you have any ad block program turned off to view the amazon widgets above that show the updated pricing.

I weighed several factors before reducing the 16 approved calculators to the four above. Ease of use, visual arrangement of keypad, quality of the user's manual, and availability of video instruction. I also considered user reviews on Amazon. The primary reason for choosing this model over the other contenders is the availability of free instructional videos for the Casio fx ES Plus. If you don't go into battle knowing how to use your sword properly, you have a disadvantage.

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  1. Limiting the types of calculators allowed in the exam room is one of the measures Any Texas Instruments calculator must contain either TIX or TIX in its model name. Contact: Tom Dodd, Ph.D., P.E., Exam Development Engineer to advancing professional licensure for engineers and surveyors.

  2. The models approved for last year remain on the list, but a new model has been added: Casio fx

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