When is the best time to visit aruba

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12 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Aruba

when is the best time to visit aruba

Best Time to Visit the Caribbean for Vacation

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Catch sunsets from a private beach palapa year-round in Aruba. Photo: aruba beach sunset image by Christopher Dodge from Fotolia. In Aruba one can almost always count on sunny skies and calm seas. The best time to visit the island depends on the type of vacation. If looking for the cheapest hotel rooms and best travel deals, go when the trade winds stop blowing.

The best time to visit all depends on the type of vacation you are looking for. Aruba tends to be more crowded during high season, as many visitors are trying to escape from the cold and come to Aruba for some warmth and sunshine. During this period hotel prices are higher than in low season and reservations need to be made well in advance. If you are looking for a less crowded period it is recommended to visit Aruba during low season. In September though the trade winds die and the temperature increases slightly. This makes the perceived temperature higher.

What do you folks consider the best times to visit Aruba for good weather and water conditions?
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If you're looking for the perfect getaway without wondering whether the weather may dampen your travel plans, Aruba is your dream destination. It may sound like a cliche to say that it's almost always sunny and warm on this Dutch Caribbean island, but the weather is truly temperate here, making Aruba ideal even for a last-minute vacation decision. If weather is your only consideration, any time is the best time to visit Aruba. Even so, certain months offer better deals because of less tourism. The best months for travel bargains are September and October, although the island feels a bit hotter during these months as the trade winds die down. Great deals are also available in June through August, making it an ideal summer-vacation destination. While it always feels summery in Aruba, its seasons are designated as "high season" and "low season," based on tourism.

You may have heard of the flamingos, or, perhaps, you are only looking for what I would simply call; paradise. Aruba is located in the Caribbean but belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The best time to go to Aruba is now. Let me repeat the best time to visit Aruba is NOW! If you want to avoid the crowds, you might want to know that the high season is from mid-December to mid-April. I just have to quickly look at my Aruba pictures to want to teleport myself back there.

When to Go in Aruba

Oranjestad is the capital and the largest city of Aruba and it has one of the most perfect climates in the world. The temperatures do not vary significantly during the year, and the range of temperatures between day time and night time also do not vary greatly.

The Best Time to Travel to Aruba

Almost invariably, the weather is wonderful -- warm, sunny, dry, and breezy. There's no monsoon season and no threat of tropical storms -- the island is far outside the hurricane belt. The sun can be hot, and its reflection off the white sandy beaches is blinding. Fortunately, the almost-constant trade winds make it easy to forget just how warm it is. Usually a godsend, these pleasant, gentle breezes can occasionally escalate to surprising gusts or sustained winds, so hold onto your hat. Better yet, buy one with a chin strap, and no they're not all dorky.

Beaches Casinos Landmarks Natural Attractions. Lucia St. Rainy days are extremely rare on Aruba, and the weather remains mild and comfortable throughout the year.

Best Time to Visit Aruba - Oranjestad, Weather Year Round




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