Its 2 30 in the morning

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Mark Wahlberg wakes up at 2:30 every morning, and that's not even the craziest part of his schedule

its 2 30 in the morning

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Hello everyone I will be in New York City early next month and am wondering if the Subway system is reliable between uptown and penn station between am?? I ask this because I have an Amtrak train to DC in the early morning hours. Is it safe during these hours?? How is Penn Station at am?? Is it safe as well??

So should we all become super-early birds? Would it help us be more productive? This is important for productivity — a lack of sleep takes huge tolls on your health and cognitive ability. Two American researchers, Christopher Barnes and Gretchen Spreitzer, from the University of Washington and University of Michigan respectively, have looked at this topic extensively. They examine such things as whether companies should make sure their employees are getting enough sleep. Many people rise as day breaks to get in exercise or other chores and errands before work - these "larks" might have inherited such traits Credit: Getty Images.

But as co-founder of workout supplement company Performance Inspired, its no wonder he often shares his workouts on Instagram. And his routine is impressive; it has him up at a. In fact, on Sept. Thank you equinox for always accommodating us. Wahlberg posted an Instagram story on his full day, hour by hour. This is what his morning routine and workout look like:.

Wahlberg, 47, revealed this week his alarmingly rigid daily routine, posting his typical schedule on Instagram during a FAQ session. Each day begins with a AM wakeup, quickly followed by 30 minutes of prayer time. After that is breakfast at before a workout, post-workout meal -- which is different from breakfast -- and a shower. By the time he hits the golf course or a minute round, it's A 90 min shower at ? Just 30 mins of golf? Is it crazy golf?


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