Where to buy the sleep styler from shark tank

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The Sleep Styler Update

where to buy the sleep styler from shark tank

nishiohmiya-golf.com: Allstar Innovations Sleep Styler: The heat-free Nighttime Hair Curlers for or curly hair, Large (6" Rollers), 8 Count, As Seen on Shark Tank: Appliances. on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon or get Fast, Free Shipping with.

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Tara started off the presentation for The Sleep Styler with their audition video. She said that she lived with her husband and her two children. Both she and her husband were doctors. She said that you would have to factor in hair, makeup, and getting the kids ready in the morning. Tara thought that she developed a product that would solve a nearly universal problem for women. The scene in the video switched to the family on the couch watching Shark Tank.

Thinking of wearing these to NYFW. As an avid and active viewer, I'll occasionally even Google the name of a product to see how it's doing post-"Tank". But I've never been inspired to actually whip out the ol' Capital One and make a purchase based on a televised sales pitch until now. Enter The Sleep Styler , a hair tool that made its "Shark Tank" debut this past March, after racking up thousands of dollars in funding on Kickstarter prior to filming. The concept is both simple and brilliant, making for ideal Shark bait: Soft, super absorbent rollers, made from yoga towel-like material, are inserted into wet hair at night. In the morning, you've not only had an abnormally restful sleep, thanks to the extra head cushioning, but you've got perfectly undone Victoria's Secret waves without the need for harmful, time-consuming heat styling. The Sleep Styler can allegedly straighten hair as well.

F or many entrepreneurs, their time in the Shark Tank seems like an eternity. Brown had not been in the Tank for 20 minutes before reaching an agreement with Lori Greiner. I felt like it was over in an instant. Here was the solution, Brown realized, to busy women devoting as much as an hour a day to blow-drying their hair and still not being happy with the results. The only problem was that Brown had no experience in putting together the kind of prototype she had in mind.

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After washing my hair, I let it air dry for about 45 min while I caught up on some TV. Styling my damp not WET hair per the directions wasn't hard per say, but it was kind of an annoying process. Getting a hang of how to put the rollers in without them slipping back out took a few practice tries. It took me about 15 minutes to get all the rollers in, which isn't a ton of time, but if you factor in the time I waited to get my hair "damp," we're talking about at least a hour's worth of styling time. It was like sleeping on a very lumpy pillow, which isn't ideal. Two of my rollers fell out overnight I'm a messy sleeper, what can I say?

Instructions: Instructions: 1. Wash: Take a relaxing shower at night, wash and condition your hair as you normally would. Wrap: Divide damp hair into sections and wrap each section of hair around a plush roller. Sleep: Sleep comfortably as the marshmallow soft memory foam conforms to your head. How you use all that time you would have spent washing, drying and styling your hair is up to you. I really like the way these rollers make my thick wavy long hair look. I had to buy two packs to be able to roll my entire head.

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