Do women have a taint

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Dumb question but: Do women have taints?

do women have a taint

5 Places A Man Should NEVER Shave On His Body!

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The taint. If you had a dollar for every time you've heard a joke about it, you'd probably be pretty flush right now. But if all you're doing with your taint is laughing at it, then you're missing out on some serious pleasure. The space between your genitals and your anus, a. Not sure how exactly to handle this sensitive spot? To get familiar with your perineum, explore the area with a finger—or bring in some outside help: "Some people slide a small vibrator beneath their perineum during self-pleasure to heighten orgasmic response," says O'Reilly. Once you've mastered the DIY approach, try working these taint tips into your regular routine for some super steamy nights.

The human body is truly a marvel of natural engineering. When you think of all of the parts of our bodies that have a direct and ingenious purpose, you begin to really appreciate the powers of mother nature. There are other parts of our bodies that are a little less critical and still have a purpose, however unclear. The scientific term for this area of your body is the perineum , and it acts as a wall between your anus and your balls so that everything can stay clean. As you can imagine, number two would be a bit of a challenge if you had your balls flapping in the way the whole time. Beyond the simple inconvenience of being unable to poop without getting yourself dirty nine out of ten times, you would also be putting yourself at a pretty significant risk of eventual infection.

Also known as "the alley", girl taint is the space between the anus (the dumpster) and the vagina (the garden). If you intentionally drool onto the girl taint while eating pussy, Get a girl taint mug for your papa Manley.
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The perineum is the area of skin rich in nerve endings that is located below the anus the opening for bowel movements. For women, the perineum extends to the vaginal opening ; for men it extends to the base of the testicles. Perineum massage, or massage of perineum, is an erotic massage technique used to provide sexual pleasure for both men and women. Because the perineum is so rich in nerve endings it often feels pleasing to have it touched or stroked. If one is comfortable with being touched on the perineum, its stimulation can be incorporated into a couple's lovemaking to further enhance sexual arousal.


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