Accordion hurricane shutters home depot

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The Cost and Types of Different Hurricane Shutters

accordion hurricane shutters home depot

Shop our selection of Window, Hurricane Shutters in the Doors & Windows Department at The Home Depot.

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If you live in an area that's regularly at risk for tropical storms like Florida and Texas , then you'll probably want to install hurricane shutters on your windows. Not only are they essential protection for your home , but for yourself and your family, too. Hurricane shutters also provide an extra layer of financial security thanks to the possibility of insurance premium reductions and fewer damage repairs needed. There are plenty of different styles available on the market to fit both cost and aesthetic needs for all homeowners. Keep in mind that the average cost of hurricane shutters can vary based on the style, material, and size of your windows , but you can expect the most durable and permanent options to cost more than the low-cost temporary fixes. Rolling shutters do exactly what you think they would: roll up and down.

Get free estimates from local Shutter contractors. Additionally, they provide extra insulation. Hurricane shutters of course add stability, security and privacy to your windows. They are made to withstand gusting winds or torrential downpours. In order to reduce insurance premiums and exterior repair costs, homeowners do have to pay a bit more than regular shutters. These are the lowest-quality roll down shutter materials that may not provide the same amount of privacy and insulation as other high-quality shutters. While the average roll down shutter prices above are a good starting point, there are several factors that can increase or decrease your shutter cost.

Bertha HV High Velocity is the perfect solution for securing patios, balconies and terraces which have large expanses of windows and glass doors. This premier shuttering system has been installed on many homes and high-rise condominiums through out Palm Beach county Boca Raton to West Palm Beach and these accordion shutters can protect your home against a Category 5 hurricane. The BERTHA HV accordions offer hurricane protection against high winds, storms, and because of our optional key locks, you can even protect against forced entry. We offer full installation services as well as affordable DIY accordion storm shutters materials and support. We will beat home improvement store prices such as Home Depot. Provides hurricane protection against up to Category 5 hurricane winds. These accordion panels have been tested to wind speeds of mph and carry the approval of both Dade County and the Florida Building Code.

Since metal hurricane shutters can be cost prohibitive for some people depending on their budget and home size, some people turn to more affordable hurricane paneling. Fabric might not seem like a logical choice at first, but one look at the ballistic-resistant, flexible material of the Astroguard Fabric Hurricane Paneling may change your mind. Fabric can be quicker to install than plywood while allowing more light into the windows. Keep in mind, proper anchoring is required for heavy winds. For temporary or budget storm paneling, this hurricane paneling offers good storm protection without the need for professional installation. The fabric material is high strength and translucent with a UV-resistant coating to allow light to come in. Secured with clips and building anchors, the fabric paneling can be installed or taken down quickly to match changing weather conditions.

BERTHA HV Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Designed by: websitechoice. Accordion hurricane shutters are the most commonly found hurricane exterior shutters due to their ease of installation and durability.

8 Best Hurricane Shutters of 2019

Homeowners who live in hurricane zones must take extra precautions to protect their home. One way they do this is by installing hurricane shutters over all openings. Hurricane shutters protect a residence from damage due to high winds and flying debris. In some cases, they may also safeguard against the looting that often happens just after a hurricane. Hurricane shutter options range from inexpensive plywood or fabric panels to sturdy, aluminum roll-down shutters.



Shop our selection of Exterior Shutters in the Doors & Windows Department at The Home Depot.
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