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The Passion of the Christ

watch the passion of the christ online free

Powerful, powerful film. One of Mel Gibson's best if not the best film. It has, since first being released, become part of our Lenten season film.

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Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion. This film screens on the following day. It is a perfect film to remind us all of the true meaning of Easter. Being a society based on Christianity brings with it a set of rules and expectations and a certain level of assumed knowledge. Decide not to conform and it can be very uncomfortable; understand your society and your place in it and life will be much more comfortable. Many films have been made about the crucifixion since the birth of cinema. This is one of the most contemporary and most talked about.

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The Passion of the Christ is the title of a movie that was produced and directed by Mel Gibson based on sister Catherine Emmerich 's visions. It was released in The movie shows the last 24 hours in the life of Jesus of Nazareth called by his followers Jesus Christ as told in the Gospel accounts contained in the New Testament that Christians regard as a part of the Holy Bible. The Passion of the Christ was unusual and controversial for many reasons. All of the speech was in three languages that were spoken at the time of Jesus: Latin , Greek and Hebrew. The movie spent a lot of time showing details of the suffering and death of Jesus, with lots of violent scenes.

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The Passion Of The Christ

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