Best linebackers in nfl today

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Ranking NFLs top 15 linebackers

best linebackers in nfl today

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Not only are they the ones usually making the bulk of the tackles, the really good linebackers also find ways to contribute both in pass coverage and as a pass rusher. So whether they line up inside or wreak havoc from the outside, here are Athlon Sports' linebacker rankings entering the season. Athlon's player rankings are just one of the features that appear in the NFL Preview magazine. Took full advantage of the opportunity created when starter Sean Lee suffered an early-season hamstring injury. Only six years removed from playing eight-man football in high school. Play dipped after a strong season, but he still topped the Jags in tackles for a second straight year. Flourished in his first season with the Chiefs playing inside linebacker for the first time in a defense.

Middle linebacker is like the quarterback of the defense. Inside linebackers have to play the run, the pass, and on occasion, rush the quarterback. They have to be extremely versatile, and play with a combination of speed and power. Before the season started I ranked the top 10 players at several positions. I never released the 10 best middle linebackers.

The role of the inside linebacker in the NFL used to be very different than it is now. Back in the day, Hall of Fame players such as Dick Butkus, Ray Nitschke and Mike Singletary were tasked to play as the men in the middle, directing the action and primarily flowing to the ball-carrier while occasionally rushing the passer on special blitzes. Pass coverage wasn't really a thing, and the lateral mobility to move from sideline to sideline wasn't generally a requirement. These players must challenge run fits and blitz as in eras before, but the responsibilities have grown. Inside linebackers must also be able to handle the responsibilities of strong- and weak-side 'backers in and base fronts; cover tight ends, running backs and receivers up the seam; and adapt to an ever-expanding array of pre-snap motions designed to gain the schematic advantage. If you're a slow inside defender and you can't handle coverage when an elite running back flares out from the backfield to the slot or outside to run his designed route, you won't be on the field for long.

In previous eras of professional football, linebacker responsibilities were more specific and fragmented. A middle linebacker was primarily responsible for taking on running plays, while outside linebackers flared out into coverage. Now, linebackers are quicker and lighter for the most part, because they have become half-field intermediate defenders who must do everything from challenging run fits to taking receivers up the seam. These new responsibilities have created an entirely new linebacker prototype for the modern era. Here are the 11 players who best meet those challenges coming into the season.

Not so long ago, it was fairly easy to categorize NFL defenses as or , depending on the coordinator's scheme and how many players he deployed at the line of scrimmage. In recent years, though, there's been a shift toward hybrid schemes that allow defenses to alter alignments based on their understanding of the offense's intentions in each specific situation. That evolution has added a layer of complexity to linebacker evaluations, as bone-jarring run stuffers often give way to rangier coverage specialists or even cornerbacks and safeties in passing situations. Off-the-ball linebackers in defenses, particularly, are perennially underappreciated in Pro Bowl and All-Pro balloting. Even in a time of transition, this past offseason stands out as a jarring one for linebacker corps. Between defections, injuries, retirements and suspensions, the best front sevens in the NFL are under construction.

NFL Linebacker Rankings for 2019

To bring you the best content on our sites and applications, Meredith partners with third party advertisers to serve digital ads, including personalized digital ads. - The NFL might be a pass-first league dominated by quarterbacks, receivers, pass rushers, and defensive backs, but linebackers remain an integral part of the game. As the league has become increasingly pass happy, the value of a linebacker who can both plug holes against the running game while also having the ability to track pass catchers downfield has only increased.

Top 10 linebackers in the NFL: Luke Kuechly, Bobby Wagner in a tight race for first place

Who is the best linebacker in the NFL right now? That's up to you football fans to decideand it won't be easy. There to prevent runs and block passes, linebackers have a tough job. Of course, they're also there for the potential sack, or rushing a throw at the leastand they can be the offensive team's worst nightmare. If you had to choose from the top NFL linebackers, who would you want on your side? Moseley, the best current NFL linebackers are serious forces to be reckoned with, and these two may just be the best out there right now.

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Who is the Best Linebacker in the NFL Right Now?



Complete with some of the best linebackers of all time, the list below features all the top defensemen currently playing. There to prevent runs and block passes.
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  1. The linebacker prototype has changed drastically over the last decade. Here are the players who best meet these new challenges. The top players in the NFL today The most deserving senior candidates and coaches.

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