Worst things about living in dallas

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worst things about living in dallas

There are a few basic facts you need to know about Dallas. Because living in Dallas means the room to have things like a yard, people in Dallas The bad news is that sometimes Dallas drivers aren't the best at sharing the.

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Sometimes you just have to pack up your surfboard and go home. These are the telltale signs that someone just might not be cut out to live around these parts. Listen, we are working on the whole walkability thing, but bear in mind, the DFW Metroplex is bigger than Rhode Island and Connecticut combined. So whether or not you enjoy driving, you should probably at least accept it as a primary mode of transportation. If you think this, please leave our state now. Tacos are delicious gifts filled with exotic meats like tongue and cheek meat topped with 8lbs of lime juice and cilantro. Anything else is heresy.

I know, many people cringe when they think of Texas, and Dallas in particular, picturing pouffy-haired rich folk, modern day cowboys, Texas-sized egos, extended cab pick-up trucks, and more barbecue and steak restaurants than should be legal. Have a look-see, and decide for yourself whether or not bigger really is better in Texas. You know…I was ready to get out of Texas when we left a couple years ago, but now I am itching to get back just 2 more years. The things I disliked about Texas, I have come to miss. The traffic was horrible, until I made it to Japan. I miss the convenience of driving somewhere on my own terms, and parking which makes me sort of miss the parking lot paradise of Dallas.

Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. As much as we love to complain about Dallas, most of us love living here. And it is, for the most part, a pretty awesome place to live. The traffic Yeah, yeah, complaining about Dallas traffic is so , but it still totally sucks. Even worse is when the logos of whatever conference is at the Convention Center are totally interfering with your ability to take a cool selfie in front of our world-class skyline.

Thinking of moving to Dallas? Here are 15 things to keep in mind before you moving to Dallas. Looking for a home loan? Compare mortgage rates here. Though the Dallas Cowboys technically play in Arlington, the team is a big deal in Dallas.

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As much as we love to complain about Dallas, most of us love living here. (a bunch of hippies) declared that Dallas was the worst outdoor city.
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  1. Drivers - While they're definitely not the worst drivers I've ever encountered (that I feel like a lot of the problems in Dallas, or the things people.

  2. To help you know what living in Dallas is like, we're exploring everything you need to Who has the most terrible commute in the Dallas area?.

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