Trump make america great again

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Make America Great Again

trump make america great again

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Donald Trump. AP One of the defining features of Donald Trump's campaign for president was his slogan, emblazoned in white letters on bright red hats "Make America Great Again. The president-elect told The Washington Post in an interview published Wednesday how he came up with the famous slogan. Trump told the Post that he first thought of it after the Republican loss in the presidential election. Republicans were surprised at the loss, having thought their nominee Mitt Romney could have beat President Barack Obama, and Trump was considering how he could brand a run for president as a revival of the party and the country. And I said, let's do this.

With President Donald Trump about to begin his third year in office, it is fitting to discuss what he has accomplished since his election. Although the news is currently dominated by the federal government shutdown and the conflict between Trump and Democratic leaders over the funding of a wall on the Mexican border, it is worthwhile to look beyond the headlines. Despite unprecedented levels of opposition from national and international sources, President Trump has been enormously successful at accomplishing his goals. Contrary to Chicken Little predictions, President Trump is reaching his goals despite the nonstop opposition he faces on almost every issue. There were hundreds of responses, including a fair number praising him for not giving up in the face of opposition.

Darin Hodge has 'absolutely no regrets' over stand against 'white supremacy'. Subscribe Now Subscribe Now. Final Say. Long reads. Lib Dems. US Politics.

Specifically, Trump is bringing the U. Oh, and he wants to make asbestos a thing again. Yes, the material that is synonymous with cancer, and that 60 countries have banned. As quick reminder, asbestos were popular in the early 20th century thanks to the fact they were cheap, lightweight, and fire-resistant. At the time, virtually everyone was using the material for insulation and fabrics. You know what else used to be popular? Cigarettes, lead paint, and dumping industrial waste in streams and rivers.

Where it does cohere is in its symbolic attempts to parry the cultural shocks endured by the self-perceived victims of liberal progressivism those who see whiteness not as a privilege, but as a state of fragility, those who also narrate this fragility as constitutive of the end of Christian America or, more broadly, Judeo-Christian civilization. The rationale for Trumpism is not simply policy-based, or economic. Following from this, we explore this political theology as a vast ideological apparatus engendered by neo-liberalism in spiritual-racialist terms. In registering the shocks of the new leadership, many citizens have come to ask if such authoritarianism could morph into fascism. Paxton underlines that the correspondences between Trumpian authoritarianism and its extreme-right analogues cannot be overlooked:.

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Trump holds "Make America Great Again" rally




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  1. Make America Great Again is a campaign slogan used in American politics that was popularized by Donald Trump in his.

  2. In Donald Trump promised to Make America Great Again and now we have to Keep America Great! Order your official Keep America Great hat today!.

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