Donald trump jr russian lawyer

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Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with Russian lawyer: What to know

donald trump jr russian lawyer

The Trump Tower meeting took place on June 9, , in New York City between three senior . Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, responsible for the campaign's digital, online, and social media operations. . Russian lawyer who has connections to the Kremlin", arranged by Trump Jr. and including Kushner and Manafort.

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In an indictment unsealed in New York on Tuesday, U. Veselnitskaya was charged with one count of obstruction of justice. The indictment against Veselnitskaya was unsealed the same day a separate court filing revealed former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort may have shared internal polling data with a former employee, Konstantin Kilimnik, with close ties to Russian intelligence. That meeting has become a central focus of the Mueller probe. The U. In her capacity as a lawyer for Prevezon Holdings, the company at the center of the scheme uncovered by Magnitsky, Veselnitskaya orchestrated the legal response to corruption allegations that implicated senior Russian government officials. In , American investigators asked their Russian counterparts for documents related to the fraud and received in response a page document that exonerated Russian government officials from any involvement in the scheme and claimed it had in fact been perpetrated by Magnitsky.

The Russian lawyer at the center of the investigation of President Donald Trump's ties to the Kremlin has been indicted for obstruction of justice.
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Attorneys for Donald Trump Jr. The meeting at Trump Tower attended by Trump Jr. But after the meeting became public last year, Trump Jr. And even before reporting revealed the meeting, the new transcripts show that his lawyer had begun reaching out to multiple participants to get their accounts straight regarding the day in question. These discrepancies and the meeting itself have since become a key part of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia on its attempts to interfere in the U.

Four things learned: Trump Jr's meeting with the Russians

The meeting was arranged by publicist and long-time Trump acquaintance Rob Goldstone on behalf of his client, singer-songwriter Emin Agalarov. Donald Trump Jr.


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