Samurai jack s5 ep 3

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Samurai Jack

samurai jack s5 ep 3

Samurai Jack S05E06

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Post a Comment. Sunday, March 26, Season 5, Episode 3 of "Samurai Jack" bleeds, recovers, and raises the stakes. Samurai Jack , bloodied, but not giving up yet. After the sheer propulsive momentum of last week's episode , I was wondering how Samurai Jack could possibly maintain the same level of energy into another episode much less the rest of the season. Unsurprisingly, Episode 3 begins by slowing things down a little bit, letting us learn a bit more about its characters and raising the stakes Jack starts the episode in a dark place. The opening scenes pick up right where the previous episode left off, following his bloody but still living body as he flows aimlessly down a river, floating in and out of consciousness.

When Aku is reborn to set forth his reign of terror, the Emperor's son is sent off to learn the ways of the samurai. That boy becomes a man and attempts to slay Aku with a mighty sword, but Aku banishes him to the future. The Samurai lands in the future and is named Jack. He is enlisted by a race of dogs to destroy Aku. Jack gets weapons and beats back Aku's army of beetles saving the canine race.

Season 5 (2017)

The fifth season of Samurai Jack is the final season of the animated series. This season follows Jack on a journey that concludes his story., On December 2, , Adult Swim announced that it would be airing a new season of Samurai Jack on its Toonami programming block. The fifth season of Samurai Jack will be the final season and will officially conclude the story with a proper ending.




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  1. Here's how Samurai Jack season 5 episode 3 forced the title character to become a killer.

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