Percentage of men that cheat

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Men more likely to cheat, usually with friends, CU Boulder study shows

percentage of men that cheat

Dr. Phil Examines 'The Cheating Gene'

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It turns out, the chance of infidelity increases as much as 25 percent over the course of a relationship. And up to 60 percent of people will cheat at some point during their marriage. Is spooning or hand-holding a one-way ticket to being single? What about going out with someone just as a friend? For most, sexting, online flirting, or a single passionate kiss fall under the category of cheating.

Although almost 7 percent of men cheated at least once during the six-year period studied with African-American and Hispanic men having higher rates of cheating than white men , compared with about 3 percent of women, the study found that men are more likely to cheat when they are unhappy about their financial standing and their failure to assume the role of breadwinner. These men might seek sexual conquests outside the relationship to shore up their threatened sense of manhood, Munsch says. The odds of straying are reduced by satisfaction with the relationship and religious convictions, the study reports, but are increased with lower levels of education, for men but not women. Men and women who earn much larger salaries than their partner are also more likely to cheat, the study finds, although women are half as likely to cheat. Munsch examined data on 1, men and 1, women who were married or living with a partner for at least a year from the to National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. More news from Cornell: www. Search for:.

The last few months of treated us to a whirlwind of news coverage on sexual harassment and abuse, with powerful men from Hollywood to Washington, D. And most of these men are married. However, as the figure above indicates, this gender gap varies by age. But this gap quickly reverses among those ages 30 to 34 and grows wider in older age groups. Infidelity for both men and women increases during the middle ages.

The researchers found that 21 percent of men and just 13 percent of women have cheated at some point in their lifetime — numbers that have been consistent from to , according to the study. One interesting aspect in the study? About About a third cheated with someone who was somewhat well-known, such as a neighbor, co-worker or long-term acquaintance. Less than a quarter of responders — about 21 percent — said they cheated with a hookup. The study also found that among those who reported to have cheated within the past year, men were much more likely to have paid for sex than women, a 12 to 1 percent difference, respectively, according to the findings.

Infidelity is murky territory. Does a one-night stand at a bachelor party count? How about an emotional entanglement with a close friend that doesn't involve anything physical? Psychologists and relationship experts have spent years studying the science of infidelity, turning up surprising insights into what different couples consider cheating, how they react to cheating, and how they bounce back after someone strays. Read more: 21 simple social skills that will make you instantly more likable. We looked into some of that research and pulled out the most compelling results.

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  1. In general, men are more likely than women to cheat, but the gender gap in a difference of 18 percentage points between men and women.

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