Jay z where im from

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jay z where im from

Where I'm From Lyrics: Uh huh, ge-ge ge-ge-geah / Ye-ye-yeah, ye-ye-yeah, JAY-Z. Where I'm From will forever stand as one of Jay's most evocative songs; .

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Cough up a lung, where I'm from, Marcy son, ain't nothing nice. Caught up in all these lights and cameras. But look what that did to Hammer. Jay- Never test my patience sweetie, I'm high maintenance. Better broad, better automobile. Bet a yard, bet a hundred mil. Then by the song's.

With all of his success, Hov has never shied away from attributing part of his success to the trials that forged his character and the place where his story began, Marcy Projects. Part of becoming established meant he had to give people more than the tales from the top he shared on Reasonable Doubt. They center around themes like the endless struggle to escape an environment, by hook or crook. For Jay, Marcy was the place where he spent his formative years and, on the song, he plays the role of tour guide, taking the listener on a casual, protected stroll through the cracked sidewalks and rising buildings. And how could those people think anything existed outside the perimeter when so many things were going on inside it? Through his rhymes, he creates the idea that everything one could want is going on right there in the neighborhood. Long before he became a one-man business, he was simply a businessman whose work involved pushing work in the neighborhood.

In My Lifetime, Vol. It displayed a shift from the mafioso rap themes of his first effort to the so-called "jiggy" era of late 90s hip-hop, often credited to videos and albums from Puff Daddy and his Bad Boy record label's roster of artists including Notorious B. Everything, your whole conversation is very general, not too much detail and things like that. Its just that 'In My Lifetime' is more detailed, more in-depth. Much more personal. AllMusic editor John Bush wrote in a retrospective review, "Though the productions are just a bit flashier and more commercial than on his debut, Jay-Z remained the tough street rapper, and even improved a bit on his flow". According to Bush, he "struts the line between project poet and up-and-coming player" while balancing "both personas with the best rapping heard in the rap game since the deaths of 2Pac and Notorious B.

The video takes viewers behind the scenes of his run at the new Brooklyn venue. It's replete with admiring angles of Jay, his DJ and engineer Young Guru and the rest of the Roc Boys rehearsing for the big shows, but otherwise doesn't reveal much in the way of new information. Highlights include Guru rapping Jay's "Run This Town" verse as the latter walks the arena in advance of the first show around , Beyonce's appearance at the minute mark she's spotted walking just behind Jay as he makes his way to the stage and Jay taking the subway just like a normal person and starting a near-riot shouts to the lady who asked him if he's famous. Notably absent? Beyonce performing, as she did on night eight of the run. Jay turned 43 on Tuesday , making it a fitting day to release the documentary.

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One of Jay's most evocative songs, this is a detail-rich and deeply sad portrait of the housing projects where he grew up. Explanations from Jay-Z's "Decoded": 1. I start the song with an image that's visual and aural, solid and ethereal. This sets up the listener's perspective as an observer, not a participant, which is the perspective of most folks in the projects, like the women and kids who hear gunshots as echoes bouncing off concrete walls, ringing like wind chimes through their kitchen windows. The song's first image is like my first experience of violence, not as the trigger man but as the kid in his apartment playing with his toys, hearing that distinctive pounding ring out in the background.

The Marcy Projects, or Marcy House, is a 1,apartment public housing complex located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. It is infamously known for gun-violence, drug use, domestic abuse, and an overall threatening environment. Children growing up in this setting must quickly learn to fend for themselves, and develop the necessary street-smarts to navigate through an environment that many could not possibly fathom being our reality. Born Shawn Corey Carter on December 4, , Jay-Z grew up in the in the Marcy Projects at a time when crack-cocaine became a major threat to low-income areas. His father left when he was 11 years-old, leaving him to figure out life on his own. Carter spent time dealing drugs and even flirted with gun-violence in his youth, however ultimately turned to rap as an escape to the life of poverty and violence surrounding him. The song is written from the perspective of a drug dealer, a title Jay-Z held in his early career, and walks through the dangers and circumstances of the neighborhood.

Jay -Z, Where I'm From. The making of the track, by Ron Amen RA Lawrence

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