What happened to elisha cuthbert

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Why Hollywood won't cast Elisha Cuthbert anymore

what happened to elisha cuthbert

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The Canadian actor has a wide variety of roles and award nominations under her belt. Beginning her career in she has been a mainstay of television ever since. So what she doing now? Elisha Cuthbert was born on November 30th in Alberta, Canada. Her parents Patricia and Kevin Cuthbert are a homemaker and automotive designer respectively.

Elisha Cuthbert was someone that a lot of us grew up with. A s she grew up, she seemed to fade back out of the spotlight. While she tried to make the transition into film, it just didn't seem to go as she planned. She was a few years into her role on the show 24, when she decided to start pursuing film. She had her first big starring role in a movie called The Girl Next Door that came out in It was a raunchy teen comedy, kind of like American Pie, however it didn't perform nearly as well. The following year, she went on to star in the movie House of Wax.

Canadian actress and model, Elisha Cuthbert was predicted to be a prominent star who'd be rubbing shoulders with A-listers, like Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson. But sadly, Elisha has swiftly dropped down to the D-list, and she couldn't find the way back to the top. Born in Calgary, the Canadian actress was even dubbed "TV's Most Beautiful Woman" at the time, and that was a huge achievement for her as a young actress. As charming as she is, Elisha Cuthbert boasted a worldwide fan base, but somehow her fans fell out of love with her too soon. The iconic role of "The Girl Next Door" was indeed her unforgettable breakthrough in the movie industry.

Why Hollywood wont cast Elisha Cuthbert anymore?

Elisha Cuthbert ? Transformation From 15 To 36 Years OLD

Elisha Cuthbert is best known as 24's own damsel in distress Kim Bauer. The Canadian actor has a wide variety of roles and award nominations under her belt .
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  1. You might remember actress Elisha Cuthbert from the early s, when she was one of the most promising new stars on the Hollywood scene.

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