What is a lineal descendant

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lineal descendant

what is a lineal descendant

Direct Descendant - Remnants - Part 1

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A lineal descendant is distinguished from a "collateral" descendant which would be from the line of a brother, sister, aunt or uncle. See: descent and distribution. See: descent and distribution See: child. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? But the seaman of the last generation, brought into sympathy with the caravels of ancient time by his sailing-ship, their lineal descendant , cannot look upon those lumbering forms navigating the naive seas of ancient woodcuts without a feeling of surprise, of affectionate derision, envy, and admiration. View in context.

A lineal descendant , in legal usage, is a blood relative in the direct line of descent the children , grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. In a legal procedure sense, lineal descent refers to the acquisition of estate by inheritance from grandparent to parent and parent to child, whereas collateral descent refers to the acquisition of estate or real property by inheritance from sibling to sibling, and cousin to cousin. Adopted children, for whom adoption statutes create the same rights of heirship as children of the body , come within the meaning of the term "lineal descendants," as used in a statute providing for the non-lapse of a devise where the devisee predeceases the testator but leaves lineal descendants. Among Native American tribes in the United States , tribal enrollment can be determined by lineal descent, as opposed to a minimum blood quantum. A collateral descendant is a legal term for a relative descended from a brother or sister of an ancestor , and thus a niece , nephew , or cousin. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Search here. Law Dictionary Home Dictionary Definition lineal-descendant Lineal descendant, Lineal descendant would mean the offspring of lawful marriage and not offspring of union which is not that of husband and wife.
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Descendants are those who are the issue of an individual, such as children, grandchildren, and their children, to the remotest degree. Descendants are those in a descending line of birth from an individual, rather than an ascending line, such as to the parents of the individual. Determining who a person's descendants are is commonly necessary to determine who is entitled to share in the estate of a person who dies without a will. Parents of the deceased often do not share in the estate unless there are no surviving descendants or spouse. A lineal descendant is a direct descendant of a person.

Lineal descendant means the genealogical descendant established by oral or written record or other evidence. Sample 1. Lineal descendant means an individual in the direct line of descent including, but not limited to, a child or grandchild. Lineal descendant means a person in a direct line of descent from the decedent, such as a child, grandchild or great-grandchild. Lineal descendant of an adopted person" means a person who by reason of blood or adoption is a lineal descendant of an adopted person. Lineal descendant means an individual tracing his or her ancestry directly and without interruption by means of the traditional kinship system of the appropriate Indian tribe or Native Hawaiian organization or by the common law system of descendance to a known Native American individual whose remains, funerary objects, or sacred objects are being claimed under these regulations. Lineal descendant The regulations [43 CFR


Definition of Lineal descendant

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Lineal Descendant Law and Legal Definition


A lineal descendant, in legal usage, is a blood relative in the direct line of descent the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. of a person. In a legal.
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