What is boku no pico

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Boku no Piko

what is boku no pico

Should you watch: Boku no Pico?

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Sign in. The crisp rays of summer sun find the effeminate Pico embroiled in yet another heated and lustful fling. While out biking, Pico meets and befriends Chico-a lively boy not much younger than him, but Boku no Piko is a hentai shotacon yaoi anime mini-series. It is produced by Natural High. It is censored and English subtitled.

Boku no Pico unknown. A seriously messed up anime and manga. The anime is about a little boy who cross dresses as a girl. This perverted man finds him skinny dipping and uses his feelings against him to have sex with him every 5 minutes. The manga is only one chapter and the anime is three episodes. Did you see Boku no Pico yet?

All About Love Stage!! Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? Add to My List. Add to Favorites. Type: OVA. Producers: Natural High. Licensors: None found, add some.

Boku no Pico

Er zijn drie OVA's uitgebracht. - The producer has described it as "the world's first Shotacon anime".


Boku no Pico is a Japanese series of shotacon hentai anime OVAs produced by Natural High. The producer has described it as "the world's first Shotacon.
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  1. The series consists of three episodes, as well as a one-shot manga chapter, an upcoming computer game and a video compilation of the highly acclaimed music by Yoko Kanno, The Pillows and a bonus video with the ED by Kalafina.

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