Poison look what the cat dragged in official video

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poison look what the cat dragged in official video

Look What the Cat Dragged In is the debut studio album by American hair metal band Poison, Reflecting a period before the band's music began to take on the influence of Californian, Van Halen styled stadium . Best of Poison: 20 Years of Rock Poison Box Set (Collector's Edition) Double Dose: Ultimate Hits. Videos .

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The hard rock subgenre derisively referred to as "hair metal" existed well before Poison came along. The group got its start in the late '70s, when singer Bret Michaels joined with his longtime friend, drummer Richard Ream aka Rikki Rockett to start the first in a series of local bands in their Mechanicsburg, Penn. The duo eventually hooked up with bassist Bobby Kuykendall aka Bobby Dall and guitarist Matt Smith to form a four-piece they initially called Paris. After paying their dues on the local cover circuit, the band members switched their name to Poison and decided that in order to really break out, they needed to move to either New York or Los Angeles and since L. Like countless other acts before and since, they discovered West Hollywood wasn't quite the promised land they might have hoped to find.

For many, Poison are synonymous with the worst excesses of s hair metal on the Sunset Strip. These things are, of course, cyclical. DeVille, drummer Rikki Rockett and bassist Bobby Dall have come together intermittently over the years for high-grossing tours. It is really still a great time. We all fought the battles together.

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But Poison really carved out their niche as the ultimate glam metal band, using tight-assed boogie and over-the-top visual extravagance -- costumes, makeup, teased hair, and so on -- to an even greater extent than most of their contemporaries. It was derivative and formulaic, to be sure, but Poison wholeheartedly embraced that formula from the beginning with a conviction often missing in their peers, and it's that ridiculous, good-time excess that keeps Look What the Cat Dragged In 's catchiest songs, especially the party anthems "Talk Dirty to Me" and "I Want Action," just as much fun today, if not more so. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International.

Though not a success at first, it steadily built momentum and peaked at 3 on the US Billboard on 23 May The album ultimately has sold four million copies worldwide, [5] one of their best-selling albums. It is No. Described by Revolver Magazine as "oversexed, under-thought, and relentlessly fun", [8] the album's style is often described as "glam metal" and was strongly influenced by East-Coast bands like Aerosmith and Kiss and It is a sound dominated by distorted power chords and catchy melodies. Reflecting a period before the band's music began to take on the influence of Californian, Van Halen styled stadium rock, the album is characterized by more traditional heavy metal sounds.

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