What is a good book of the bible to read

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Books of the Bible that Will Rejuvenate Your Faith Journey

what is a good book of the bible to read

The Holy Bible - Book 01 - Genesis - KJV Dramatized Audio

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And by the time they hit Deuteronomy , they were done. In fact, the Bible is actually a library. The Protestant Bible is comprised of 66 books, and many of those books are written in a variety of different genres or types of literature. These genres all need to be read a little differently. There are a few ways to classify the genres of the Bible, but they typically fall into these categories. Books include: Job , Proverbs , Ecclesiastes.

You have just received your first Bible, and you excitedly sit down to read it. You are hungry for it, but where to start? If you are like most people, you start at the beginning with Genesis. You read the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah and Abraham and you imagine what it is like to be in that time. By the end, you are ready for more and start Exodus and the story of Moses. All throughout you are learning and growing in God, and it is good.

People often ask me, “where should I start reading the Bible?”This is a good question because the Bible is not one book, it has 66 books.
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You may have heard snippets of Bible stories during sermons, Bible study groups, or through popular media, but how many have you read for yourself? The Bible holds a wealth of engaging, enlightening, and immensely gratifying books that can deepen your faith and strengthen your spirituality. Most Christians find that reading the books not only brings them closer to God, but it is an enjoyable and entertaining activity. Psalms is a collection of poems and songs. Reading through Psalms gives Christians peace and comfort, with many poems and songs that resonate with people. Genesis, the first book of the Bible, is one of the most famous. It describes how God created heaven, Earth, and man.

What are the most popular Bible books? Are you surprised by these results? If you were to look at a record of your own Bible reading over the last few years, what books have you spent the most time reading and studying? Remove banner ads and expand your Bible reading experience using our valuable library of more than 40 top resources by becoming a member of Bible Gateway Plus. Try it free for 30 days! Filed under Bible , Infographics , Statistics. Tagged as books of the bible , most read bible books , popular bible books.

10 Books of the Bible You Should Read Again and Again

What Book Of The Bible Should I Read First?

Top 5 Places to Start Reading the Bible

This is a good question because the Bible is not one book, it has 66 books. There are 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament. But the question remains, where should you begin? At the first book of the Bible, Genesis? Or should you begin in one of the Gospels in the New Testament? I want to give you my top 5 Bible books to read if you are starting to read the Bible for the first time.

I get it. We know that ideally, every student in our ministry would be reading their bibles and working through it each year. It makes us take stock and think, what might be important for my students to read and really grasp? But at the end of the day there are some key themes and stories that will help our students connect more with the gospel of Jesus and the ways of God. If my students were to leave my ministry only having read and grasped five books of the bible, what would my top five be?

Where Should I Start Reading the Bible?

One of the most transformational and overlooked discipleship techniques is reading the Bible one-to-one—simply sitting down with another person and walking through the text of Scripture with them. What follows below is a dozen books of the Bible recommended for non-believers, new believers, and more mature believers. Ecclesiastes — This poignant and relevant book amazes some non-Christians because of how well it describes human existence. Luke clearly presents the human condition and magnifies the work of Jesus. Bonus: Genesis — Genesis helps develop a Christian worldview and could answer questions that still nag at a new believer relating to creation, human nature, the essence of faith, election, etc. Introduce people to the riches of the Old Testament with this book that urges readers to choose life or death. Click To Tweet.


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  1. Growing up, I thought the Bible was a real snoozer. I had no idea it contained the living, breathing Word of God. The only Good Book I had ever seen was my.

  2. If you want to rejuvenate your faith journey, ease your way into reading the Bible, or simply find out about the Bible's best verses, try these books this year.

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