What is the difference between biofinity and biofinity toric

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Biofinity Toric

what is the difference between biofinity and biofinity toric

Find out how CooperVision® Biofinity® contacts give you a premium lens- wearing experience. Biofinity toric Every Month Astigmatism material, you can wear Biofinity lenses not just all day, but for up to six nights and seven days in a row.

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Biofinity is different from other high oxygen lenses because it is manufactured softer for excellent comfort. AQUAFORM is naturally wettable and establishes hydrogen bonds with water molecules holding water within the lens making the lens soft, wettable and resistant to dehydration and resistant to deposits. Biofinity's unique silicone monomers mean that oxygen is transmitted very efficiently through the lens. The prescription parameter you entered " " is not a valid format. Prescription parameters must be formatted as numbers, like "1. Please consult our Prescription Help Section and re-enter the parameter.

If you have astigmatism, your eyesight may be blurry or distorted when looking at both near and far objects. Biofinity toric contacts feature Optimized Lens Geometry. A combination of material technologies resulting in a uniquely comfortable and high-performance contact lens. Astigmatism: If you have astigmatism, these contact lenses may be right for you. Ask your eye doctor. These lenses do not provide UV protection.

Study record managers: refer to the Data Element Definitions if submitting registration or results information. Device: comfilcon A test lens Pair comfilcon A or the control lens Pair lotrafilcon B Other Name: Biofinity Toric Device: lotrafilcon B test lens Pair comfilcon A or the control lens Pair lotrafilcon B Other Name: Air Optix Active Comparator: lotrafilcon B Each subject randomized to wear the test lens comfilcon A or the control lens lotrafilcon B for one month of daily wear before repeating the schedule for the second pair without a washout period. Collected at baseline for all habitual lenses. The hours of average comfortable wearing time and average daily wearing time. Collected at dispense for each lens.

With Biofinity toric lenses you can enjoy superior vision and a more comfortable lens-wearing experience—for up to seven days in a row. The credit goes to a.
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It begins with a comprehensive eye exam. Your eye doctor will first determine your overall eye health and vision. This includes a discussion of your health history and then a series of standard eye tests. These tests will be Evaluate eye focusing, eye teaming, depth perception, color vision, peripheral vision, and Response of pupils to light. Then, a discussion about your contact lens preferences. For example, do you want to enhance or change your eye color?

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  2. CooperVision Biofinity® toric contacts can correct this vision problem with a lens you can wear for up to seven days in a row—all with a premium level of comfort.

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