What are the defining characteristics of the phylum porifera

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Phylum Porifera

what are the defining characteristics of the phylum porifera


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Have you seen SpongeBob Square Pants? How weird would it sound if it was called Porifera Bob Square Pants? The creator of this series was a marine biologist who was fascinated with the ocean and used many marine animals, including the Sponges in his animated cartoon series. Read along to find more interesting bits of scientific information about Porifera. This group of animals is probably considered as the oldest animal group. They are also called as Sponges.

Etymology:- From the Latin porus for pore and Ferre to bear, hence an animal with with pores. Characteristics of Porifera:- 1 No definite symmetry. Sponges are one of the better known groups of invertebrates, due to their usefulness in the bath many people who care nothing for invertebrates at least know name and may even have seen a sponges skeleton on sale in a shop. One of the more amazing things about sponges is there ability to suffer damage. Because the cells are not linked in a tissue it is possible for them to be separated an then come together again. Some species such as the freshwater sponge Ephydatia fluviatilis can be pushed through a sieve, then if given time the individual cells will come together again and make a new sponge.

Defining Characteristics for Porifera?

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