What is the correct term for black people

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Op-Ed: The term ‘people of color’ erases black people. Let’s retire it

what is the correct term for black people

connotations relating to the word 'black' in the English language (black leg, black- list etc). . Under some circumstances people could correctly be described as.

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Three other women in the office had brown hair. I was the only black woman — the only black person — in this office. The office instantly felt awkward, uncomfortable even. As if I had said a racist slur. And I get it: racial terminology can be daunting for white people.

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As a black woman, I seek out inclusive spaces because I lack them in my everyday life. I went to one club meeting, and never returned. I felt like every issue these women were struggling with affected me more intensely because of my race. No one looked like me. And while the others went on about empowerment, sisterhood and freedom, I was met with, yet again, a feeling I knew only I could understand.

Black people is a skin group -based classification used for specific people with a mid to dark brown complexion. Not all "black people" are dark skinned. However, in certain countries, often in socially based systems of racial classification in the Western World , it is used to describe persons who are perceived to be dark-skinned when compared to other populations. Depending on the usage, it is mostly used for the people of Sub-Saharan Africa and the indigenous peoples of Oceania , Southeast Asia and India. Different societies apply differing criteria regarding who is classified as "black", and these social constructs have also changed over time.

Say African American or Black, but first acknowledge the persistence of structural racism

Top definition. - In February, Urban Institute researchers writing on Urban Wire will explore racial disparities in housing and criminal justice and the structural barriers that continue to disadvantage the black population in the United States. Other posts in this series:.


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  1. In part, the term African American came into use to highlight that the experiences of the people here reflect both their origins in the African.

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