What is the longest home run ever hit

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Distance of Longest Batted Baseball

what is the longest home run ever hit

701 FOOT HOME RUN! The Longest Home Run In MLB The Show History!

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Baseball, the national pastime of the United States, started in the early s. It began as small clubs playing recreationally and grew quickly into a professional sport. Throughout the years of baseball there have been many times when great players ranging from Mickey Mantle to Cecil Fielder have slammed balls up into the great blue yonder. Newspapers printed magnificent stories about the distances these balls traveled, presenting a large problem of fact or fiction. There were many accounts where distances were said to be much farther than they were ever confirmed to be. It is possible that many popularly believe records could be a misrepresentation. There are many more instances like this one involving such players as Babe Ruth and Dave Kingman.

One of the most common question asked here at Baseball Almanac is who hit the longest home run ever. Where was it hit? And, how far did it go? Few people like the response given because, unlike other baseball stats, it is the farthest thing from perfect as illustrated by this superb article called Long Distance Home Runs written by William J. As long as baseball has been played, observers and participants alike have been fascinated with those rare individuals who have been capable of batting balls farther than others of their time. As long ago as opening day , there is information describing the excitement generated by Hall of Famer Roger Connor , who struck an unusually long home run at the original Polo Grounds in New York. This feat was accomplished at a time before home runs were hit with enough frequency to be considered a regular part of the game.

Hitting a baseball hundreds of feet is incredibly hard. The Longest Home Runs in MLB History available, let's take a stab at locating the longest recorded home runs ever. . 26, , as the longest home run in Coors Field history. But not.
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There are few plays more exciting in sports than the home run in baseball. This has been true throughout almost every era of baseball history, whether the home runs are being hit by the legends of the past or the stars of today. Recently, Nomar Mazara of the Texas Rangers hit a foot home run , one of the longest in baseball history. Adam Dunn was famous for doing one of three things most times he came to the plate: walking, striking out, or hitting a home run. On September 27, while playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks, he accomplished the best possible outcome: a monster home run. He did have at least one bright spot during his time in a Mets uniform: an absolute moon shot on June 26, that went off the Shea Stadium scoreboard. Jim Thome helped the Philadelphia Phillies win a World Series in but spent the bulk of his career hitting lots of home runs for the Cleveland Indians.

In baseball , a home run abbreviated HR is scored when the ball is hit in such a way that the batter is able to circle the bases and reach home safely in one play without any errors being committed by the defensive team in the process. In modern baseball, the feat is typically achieved by hitting the ball over the outfield fence between the foul poles or making contact with either foul pole without first touching the ground, resulting in an automatic home run. There is also the " inside-the-park " home run where the batter reaches home safely while the baseball is in play on the field. A home run with a high exit velocity and good launch angle is sometimes called a "no-doubter," because it leaves no doubt that it is going to leave the park when it leaves the bat. When a home run is scored, the batter is also credited with a hit and a run scored, and an RBI for each runner that scores, including himself. Likewise, the pitcher is recorded as having given up a hit, and a run for each runner that scores including the batter.

Ever since Babe Ruth launched Major League Baseball into the live-ball era with his awe-inspiring home runs, wowed fans have been asking: "How far did that ball go? Teams had their own methods for estimating home run distance for nearly a century. Blue Jays: Josh Donaldson , April 23, , vs. BAL; Sept. The first, with a

The Longest Home Runs in MLB History





In baseball, a home run (abbreviated HR) is scored when the ball is hit in such a way that the .. The first home run ever hit in the National League was by Ross Barnes of the Chicago White Stockings (now known as the Chicago Cubs), in . Major League Baseball's longest verifiable home run distance is about
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