Why is audible so expensive

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Alternatives to Audible: Why is Audible so expensive?

why is audible so expensive

Audible is easily the largest marketplace for audiobooks, but it's also pretty beats Audible's selection, which is probably why it's so expensive.

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I figured it was done on a purchase-by-purchase basis. And it would be, save for the fact that you get a new Audible credit every month, which means you can buy one, new audiobook a month. And because it takes a while to listen to an audiobook anywhere from hours , you can easily spread one out over a month, ensuring you never have to fork out additional monies on top of your membership fee. Amazon is offering a free trial of Audible now , and this is basically the best way to try it out. A lot of my friends have done this and not one of them as decided not to continue with the service after the grace period. This way, I can get through three or four non-fiction books a month. I was dubious at first, being an avid reader, but Audible is a great way of ramming lots of information into your brain with very little effort.

Why are audiobooks so expensive (Audible in particular)?. What are your thoughts about the pricing of Audible audiobooks (and audiobooks in general)?.
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After all, they are just some audio files. Just produce it once, and you are done with the production work for life! Well, the basic reason why audiobooks are so expensive is because of their production cost, which is often very high. However, this can vary a lot depending upon the fame and personality of the narrator s. In many cases, publishers hire famous actors and celebrities to make the audiobook more popular. Currently, Amazon is offering 4 Free Audiobooks to new Audible members , during the free trial. You will get 2 Audiobooks of your choice and 2 from the Audible Originals!

Which approach is more cost-effective? Right now, many books are discounted. You listen to the books through either the Assistant or a Google Play Books app. You can switch back and forth between the Assistant and the Google Play Books app because progress is synced across both devices. Listeners can set a timer that shuts the reading down after a specified time, listen to a preview before purchasing a book, and increase the reading speed if the person reading is too slow. Subscribers pay a monthly fee and get credits in return. One credit is good for one book no matter how much the book costs.

Technology Explained. Internet Security. Audiobooks make reading books so much easier. They allow you to listen to a book while traveling, exercising, and even working. But why are audiobooks so expensive?!

Is Audible Worth $14.95 A Month? Yes – It’s 100% Worth The Cost!

What to do when your audiobook habit is too expensive? Why IS Audible so expensive? Here are some Audible alternatives.

As for pricing, Audible sets a scale of pricing based on length of the book: Why is nishiohmiya-golf.com more expensive than netflix? As both a writer and an audio producer, I have books and audio available on Amazon.
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