Truck stops on i 10

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truck stops on i 10

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We've Been Here Since the Early 40s. Conveniently Located in Indio. Dino Mart Stop into our roadside convenience store and grab pick-me-up soda, coffee, or snack. We have all the essentials you need on the road. Laundromat Don't let your dirty clothes pile up. Stop by our self-serve laundromat to get clean and fresh clothes quick.

Heart-stopping vistas, legendary highways, iconic destinations. It seems that everyone has a bucket list of must-see travel spots. It features places with tasty food, a bit of interesting history, or an extra level of comfort for the road-weary. After all, when drivers have something to look forward to, the miles just seem to go faster. Be sure to swing through in mid-July for their annual Truckers Jamboree. Off I in Cornersville, the Tennessean Travel Stop offers over truck parking spots, and as the home of Pops Barbeque, they need every one of them, too. Got a furry sidekick?

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WHEN Larry Puckridge began driving a rig in , ''dirty old truck stops that sold greasy food and fuel'' gave him little incentive to stop while he crisscrossed the country, he said. Now, when he navigates I from North Carolina to the West Coast, he knows half a dozen truck stops where he can find provisions and amenities that were quite rare just a few years ago: He can can get a fresh salad and broiled - not fried - chicken; shop for clothes, gifts, or truck supplies, and pay for purchases with a major credit card. If he's heading northeast with time to spare, there's even a place to stop for a workout, a game of pool or a whirlpool bath. Trucks stops with fresh parsley and exercise rooms? It hardly fits the image of the mom-and-pop service stations and the no-frills truck stops that have been fixtures on the American highway since the 's. Whatever the terminology, they have proved to be good business.

What do you look for in a truck stop—delicious food, comfort, maybe even shopping? For many truck drivers, the road is their home and truck stops provide an opportunity to refresh after a long day of driving. Here are ten truck stops throughout the United States that have more to offer than most:. They have a variety of restaurants, as well as plenty of driver amenities. I love this truck stop.

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A truck stop , known as a service station in the United Kingdom , [1] and a travel center by major chains in the United States , is a commercial facility which provides refuelling, rest parking , and often ready-made food and other services to motorists and truck drivers. Truck stops are usually located on or near a busy road.
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Everyone needs to take a break during a long trip on the road. Truck stops and rest areas offer hard-working drivers a chance to relax, recharge, and even have some well-deserved fun. In between the small highway stops and fast food meals, check out some of these locations throughout the United States that help make the road seem a little more like home. Besides a hotel, a full-service restaurant open hours a day, and fuel and maintenance services, the complex offers a movie theater and a lounge with nightly entertainment. Little America is a mini-chain full of plenty of stops for both truckers and travelers to enjoy throughout the country. The large complex in Wyoming includes a hotel, an eatery, a fuel center complete with private showers and a convenience store, and a repair shop with a mechanic on call.

By Melissa Popp. When it comes to traveling, you stop at truck stops here or there to fill up, get a quick snack, or run to the restroom and stretch your legs. Most of us have memorable experiences — good or bad — at truck stops throughout our life. This sprawling truck stop sits on acres of land with a small amusement park, mini-golf, an indoor reptile exhibit, a motel, and several restaurants. Looking for a memorable meal?

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