Weird food combinations that people love

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The Most Deliciously Weird Food Combinations You've Admitted To Eating

weird food combinations that people love

Whatever you love to eat, we bet others will find the odd combinations just as delicious as you do. To celebrate the weirdness, we've rounded.

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Skip navigation! We all have one: the super-weird food combo that we are completely obsessed with, but everyone else thinks we're crazy for eating. Anyone we tell about it, or offer a taste to, is disgusted, but we shamelessly eat it anyway, dammit! Whether it's peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, Hot Cheetos and cream cheese, or goldfish and marshmallow creme, we asked R29 staffers to embrace their rebellious taste buds and tell us their favorite oddball food snacks. Ahead, find out the edible mishmashes everyone loves to hate that we absolutely love.

The first person to try these combos probably got some strange looks, but now nobody bats an eye over an order of Hawaiian pizza. However, some food combinations go beyond mere oddity and head straight towards disgusting territory. We're talking foods that probably shouldn't even even touch each other on a plate, much less be purposefully joined together in a meal.
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For as long as I can remember, I've always combined different foods together even if they technically weren't supposed to match. I've always been a fan of putting potato chips on my hoagies, or graham crackers in my yogurt, but I've recently found a bunch of stranger food combinations that people actually eat. Recently on YouTube people are trying these strange food combinations and voicing their opinions. These videos were a huge hit and started trending all over the internet. So, I decided to test out a couple of these bizarre combinations and let you know if any were worth trying.

50 Weird Food Combinations Which Sound Gross But Taste Amazing

WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE!!! - Merrell Twins

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