Mitt romney toys r us

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How Mitt Romney Ended Toys R Us

mitt romney toys r us

The Decline of Toys R Happened?

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In the s, Toys R Us was gobbling market share in the golden age of brick and mortar. In the s, soaring profits fueled its expansion both in the U. But on Sept. Toys R Us has fallen victim to a set of circumstances strikingly similar to those once faced by a major competitor, KB Toys , but is it doomed to the face the same fate? Just short of nine years ago, on Dec. In business for 86 years, KB Toys was a primarily mall-based store operator. Bain infamously loaded KB with millions of dollars in debt during its tenure with the company.

Over the course of its year history, Toys 'R' Us became a mecca for kids especially around the holidays. Toys 'R' Us filed for bankruptcy in September. It was hoping to find a buyer, or at least reach a debt restructuring deal with lenders. However, The Los Angeles Times is reporting that talks didn't go as planned and now the company is making plans to liquidate its U. A decade ago, KB Toys was in a similar predicament. The Pittsfield, Massachusetts-based company filed for bankruptcy twice and ultimately liquidated ending an year history.

Toys 'R' Us may liquidate US stores, sharing same fate as former rival KB Toys

Sears filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Monday, and you're going to hear a lot of fond memories about kids looking through the annual Wish Book for Christmas gifts Yr Dok Zoom helpfully included item numbers in at least one letter to Santa , and much wise commentary about how the old catalog and brick-n-mortar retailer just couldn't keep up in the age of Walmart and Amazon. And to a degree, those analyses have a point, but if they don't also attribute the death of Sears to the tender mercies of a venture capitalist dismantling a troubled but not doomed enterprise and making assloads of money off it, then they're not very honest autopsies. Sears may have had an outmoded business model, but surgeons seldom revive a patient by selling all the poor bastard's internal organs to the highest bidder.

Sears Bankruptcy Yet Another Reminder Mitt Romney Should Go To Hell

By Aaron Kesel. Nobody should be above the law; but, alas, there are two different justice systems: one for the rich, and one for the poor and middle class. Reportedly, Toys R Us is closing what remains of stores, which is going to put 30, people out of work. Most media outlets also failed to report the facts that both KB and eToys have been in bankruptcy, multiple times; but, somehow, KB and eToys always wind up back at Bain Capital once all the creditors are stiffed, again and again and again. It is a great bizness strategy Bain Capital has.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is a form of bankruptcy wherein a corporation or an individual whose debt exceeds certain monetary thresholds seeks the reorganization of its debt through the mechanism of bankruptcy, and usually the continuation of its operations. Toys R Us declared:. Sears Holdings on August 24 announced the closing of an additional 28 locations. JC Penny closed stores in July, Vitamin World also filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and plans the closing of at least 51 of its stores. On September 6, Gap and Banana Republic revealed plans to close locations. Concurrently, Gap plans to open locations for its more popular Old Navy and Athleta offerings.

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  2. Mar 16, Just a few years ago, Toys 'R' Us was an iconic American retailer. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, though he'd moved on.

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