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Louis L’Amour

louis l amour net worth

A Man Called Louis L'Amour

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His father was Louis L'Amour, a well known author of magazine and paperback fiction. His mother was Katherine Adams, the daughter of a silent movie actress and a southern California real estate developer. Throughout a good deal of his youth Beau lived in West Hollywood, an unincorporated section of Los Angeles county, known as a center of counter-culture and beatnik life. He grew up surrounded by his parents eclectic and eccentric group of friends; Austrian philosophers, American Indians, FBI agents, members of the Hollywood Ten, Eastern European refugees, Thai aristocracy, mysteriously talented dealers in primitive art and a wide array of writers, from Ray Bradbury to Jim Thompson. Beau attended West Hollywood Elementary School.

Drag and drop boxes to rearrange! Who is Louis LAmour? Biography, gossip, facts? When is Louis LAmour's birthday? Louis LAmour was born on the 22nd of March , which was a Sunday. Louis LAmour's next birthday would be in days would be turning years old then.

Grew up in Jamestown, which was mostly farm land, and would play Cowboys and Indians in the family barn as well as help his father with his veterinary practice. John Wayne was a fan of my writings. Birth Place: Jamestown, ND. Birth Sign: Aries. Baseball Player. YouTube Star. Family Member.

The daughter of a resort developer and silent movie star, Kathy had grown up in the deserts and mountains of Southern California where her father had once owned vast tracts of land. Together they traveled all over the west searching out locations and doing research for Louis' books. In their son Beau was born and in they had a daughter, Angelique. The s were a productive time for Louis. He developed his famous Sackett family series, traveled extensively to promote books and movies, and, for the first time in his life, bought a house. He was often invited to speak at public forums and held book signings for large crowds all across the country. And he finally settled down to work with a single publisher, Bantam Books.

His books consisted primarily of Western novels though he called his work "frontier stories" ; however, he also wrote historical fiction The Walking Drum , science fiction Haunted Mesa , non-fiction Frontier , as well as poetry and short-story collections. Many of his stories were made into films. L'Amour's books remain popular and most have gone through multiple printings. At the time of his death almost all of his existing works 89 novels, 14 short-story collections, and two full-length works of nonfiction were still in print, and he was "one of the world's most popular writers". He was of French ancestry through his father and Irish through his mother.

Louis L’Amour’s contributions to the West can still be experienced in Durango

Please start by telling us a little about yourself. - Literary critics will occasionally admit to a weakness for science fiction, whodunits or other category books, but it's a rare critic who has a kind word for westerns.

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Before he and wife, Kathy, bought a historic ranch west of Durango, the couple and their two children would spent the month of August each year at the Strater Hotel. The Strater is naming rooms in honor of special guests, according to remarks Saturday provided by the hotel. It really led the way for us to take on this wonderful endeavor, our Strater Hotel Room Dedication Project. We have 93 rooms, and when finished we will dedicated every room to a person, family, organization, or business that played an important role in making Durango and southwest Colorado what they are today. The project never materialized, however. He clearly loved the West and was devoted to the story and the readers who experience the West through his imagination.

Louis L’Amour

Your email address will not be published. Quote 1 A mind, like a home, is furnished by its owner, so if one's life is cold and bare he can blame none but himself. Fact 1 In early , 20th Century Fox optioned his soon to be published novel, Sitka, for Dick Powell to produce and direct. The film was to be Powell's first project with the studio under a multi-picture deal signed the previous year. The novel was published in but the film was not made. The novel was also sent to MGM but no producer at that studio was interested in acquiring it. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons,



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  1. Louis L'Amour net worth: Louis L'Amour was an American novelist and short story writer who had a net worth of $5 million. Louis L'Amour.

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