How to find a paralegal job with no experience

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Recent Paralegal Certificate Graduate Who Can't Find Entry-Level Work

how to find a paralegal job with no experience

How to Become a Paralegal - Requirements to Become a Paralegal

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Many things have changed in the last 25 years that number is HUGE and difficult to say, much less believe but one thing seems to be the same: attorneys only want to hire paralegals with experience. I remember all too well my first paralegal job search after graduating. I thought I was an excellent candidate. After numerous interviews, I learned that I was missing the one critical element that would get me hired experience. When I was in paralegal school in the dark ages, the administration lectured to us about how we were entering the professional world of lawyers. We would be carrying briefcases, performing legal research, drafting appellate briefs, investigating cases, and assisting the attorney at trial. While one in one hundred graduating paralegals may eventually have this type of paralegal job, the rest of us have paralegal jobs that are very different from those described in the school catalog and its rhetoric.

Now that you have your paralegal degree, you want a job. Unfortunately, finding your first paralegal job may be a very frustrating and long process. The assurance of a bright, successful career promised to you by school administrators may seem more like a dream after a few months of sending resumes with no results. I recall when I graduated from school with my paralegal degree how frustrating it was that I could not find a paralegal job. While that was a wonderful marketing ploy for the college, it was not a realistic view of the legal community. Being a paralegal is not just a job it is a profession. You are now expected to be able to work without the necessity of being supervised at every step.

Tips to secure paralegal work with no prior experience

Unfortunately, I'm finding out that % of the legal assistant and paralegal openings are for more . I am a paralegal graduate with no experience. My school.
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  1. I still remember the frustration of trying to get my first job in law. Like many graduates, I had no contacts, no relevant experience and my CV.

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